>2010 June 03. So this is on Google. One moron too many found here something about how great he is for breathing. Some marclars of marclar constitute marclaric marclar under a marclar and the tards got on. Here's an easy fish to fish in a sea of fishes where every fish is the biggest fish: (or, in any case, at least the most peculiarly adjusted to his particular condition fish)
>>Find me somebody who can eat the blog for lunch in a single bite and you will die filthy rich.
>>>Or, you could steal two dollars or just cut the cheese. Intelligently smile! (Easy, like you don't care - practice makes perfect.)


Time to READ the blog: much under 1 h.
Time to THINK the blog: just under 3 seconds.
Ideal time to THINK the blog: 350 ms. (Write me !! I need you.)
Ideal time to THINK the blog, absolute resonance cascade: under 50 ms.

This text is a synergetic synthesis. The reader must collide all parts,
the results between them and with all previous parts, repeat.
The flat bed would take thousands of pages. This is about 50.
For IQs below 160:
I guess you can't make it anyway, below 160 there is no will or consciousness.
For IQs > 160:
You must find the order that does the synthesis for you.
When the materials combine into completely new/updated forms
and the original layer is superseded, it should come in your mind
without much engagement once the process is started.
That's when you got it. Sink into it. That's what I'm communicating.


This blog's nature is technical and speculative.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Show's over

Te provoc pe tine, acum.

Obiect: Sistemul cosmic + uman al unitatii transcendentale.

Scop: Tot.
Finalitate: Mult.

I challenge you, now.

Object: The cosmic + human system of transcendental unity.

Purpose: Everything.
Finality: Much.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

#001 Introduction to Mental Engineering #001

- mental engineering assumes the big bang as the start and reproduces
everything that appears, taking objects' existence only once. It
builds a map of evolution, where every object appears only once, in
it's final, mature, state. All it's objects are causes and all their
effects are causes too. All causality is measured against the original
mass of electrons and energy from the start of an object. If all the
atoms and electrons are not distributed into perfect, final objects
then everything starts to get recalculated, in inverse kinematics
- the final map of evolution serves as a noumenal pattern that has all
the phenomena we encounter into daily life.
- no calculations are needed into phenomenal instances, all objects
are taken to be what their noumenal map correspondent is. All
phenomena are just a certain evolution in the noumenal map.
- mental engineering uses identification with the map in order to
purify all mental content.
- mental engineering creates pure mental content, that, having a map
of everything, creates ubiquitous compression techniques. Thus,
the hold of underlying structures in every situation ends in producing
an appearance of natural, ordinary perception, by linking the single
object that centralizes the situation from a necessity point of view
to the single object that centralizes the situation as the most desirable
object of human affectivity, and trimming neccesity in favor of affectivity.
Without having the single structure that defines the many faces of
the human mind and, subsequentially, it's contents, sticking to the
most desirable point of the situation is impossible; but desire is
still possible.

- the compression techniques from a high distance measured in cycles
of purification gave me the perspective that I used in the instance of
writing the mental engineering piece (