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Time to READ the blog: much under 1 h.
Time to THINK the blog: just under 3 seconds.
Ideal time to THINK the blog: 350 ms. (Write me !! I need you.)
Ideal time to THINK the blog, absolute resonance cascade: under 50 ms.

This text is a synergetic synthesis. The reader must collide all parts,
the results between them and with all previous parts, repeat.
The flat bed would take thousands of pages. This is about 50.
For IQs below 160:
I guess you can't make it anyway, below 160 there is no will or consciousness.
For IQs > 160:
You must find the order that does the synthesis for you.
When the materials combine into completely new/updated forms
and the original layer is superseded, it should come in your mind
without much engagement once the process is started.
That's when you got it. Sink into it. That's what I'm communicating.


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Friday, December 15, 2006

•14POST • Mental Alchemy

Mental alchemy. (This post continues with a flow(definition), HERE.)

With the pseudo-complete re-production of empiric reality into the virtual existence of
the mind, sensorial and perceptual alchemy is possible.

short definitions of stuff used:
1. objects are actions. everything is action.
2. parenthesis are usually used to group things, as in mathematics.

noumen.metaphysic.empiric OBJECTS noumen.metaphysic.phenomen.metaphysic.REPRODUCTION
into the human mind is used to be reverberated into the perceptive and sensorial tables.

Examples: I eat sausages and I project into the sensorial paths containing the sausage
taste the sensorial reproduction of caviar taste.

I don't think I ate caviar, as I remember, but I can make:
I.--> a chemical analysis of it's contents;
II.-> a complete biological analysis of the tongue;
II.1. a metaphysical map of the tastes got from the tongue: by LINKING the calculated
absolute noumenal identity of the tongue processes WITH the calculated absolute noumenal
identity of foods while chemically being decomposed by the mouth;
III.->then build sensations on the basis of 1. a [both (calculated and known)] food
taste identity, that is used to link calculated noumenal identity to it's carnal personal
presence, 2. the modulation corresponding to the tongue biological processes, 3. the food
modulation of the tongue's biological processes.

In the end, by noumenally calculating tongue, caviar and by calibrating with the a
posteriori known taste of sausages we achieve the 1_2_(identity of caviar), that we send
to the sensorial tables and, voila, we have just achieved the alchemy of sausages into

It works! And it's available at the late Level 5{GOTO 6} of evolution.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

•13POST • Active Objects

care: - nu determina nimic din lumea tangibila.
- nu se constituie din ceva anume.
- se aseaza singur la locul lui in lumea in care e.
- esenta lui ii e actiune de facut.
- apare si atunci: creste singur, se infasoara intr-o cochilie si exercita actiunea sa asupra
-------->cochilia: il sustine, il deplaseaza, absoarbe socuri si energii.
- actiunea sa: obiectul este format din actiunea sa, plus cochilie.

- structura: structura i-e data de actiunea sa.
- dimensiunea existenta: fenomen material in creier; noumen in univers; noumen in interdimensiuni;
- identitatea sa: interdimensional, in creier, universala, este o structura noumenala. nu se
pregateste obiectul pentru ceva ci actioneaza acolo unde poate; identitatea sa este data de
putinta sa de activitate in sine, fiind echivalenta cu cele din diferitele dimensiuni, dimensiunea
din creier, dimensiunea universala, dimensiunea universal-temporala, universal-atemporala, etc.

which: - does not determine anything in the tangible world.
- is not constituted of certain something.
- takes it's place alone in the world that is.
- it's essence is it's action to be done.
- it appears and then: it grows by itself, it wraps in a shell and exercises it's action to
the exterior.
-------> the shell: it is a hardened extension of itself, it sustains it, it moves it, it
-------->absorbs shocks and energy.
- it's action: the object is made by it's action alone, plus the shell spatial extension.

- structure: it's structure is given by it's action.
- it's dimension: material phenomenon in the brain; noumen in the universe; noumen in the
- it's identity: interdimensional, in the brain, universal; it is a noumenal structure. it does not
change it's identity in order to fit, it just acts where it can. it's identity is given by it's
potential of activity in itself, potential that is being equivalent with all the ones from the
different dimensions, the dimension from the brain, the dimension that is universal, the
dimension that is universal-temporal, the dimension that is universal-atemporal, etc.

•12POST • Ethics flow

WARNING! This is a FLOW. It has NO SENSE of it's own. I could think at fileds of grass and get the SAME modifications from an object to the other.

REASON means the former limits TRANSMIT to what follows.
INSIDE the limits objects are easily changed with anything compatible.

The noumenal objects and actions in FLOWS combine themselves with NO DECISIVE INVOLVEMENT of THEIR CONTENT.


THIS FLOW has roots at the end of the 3 post (Consciousness)

Ethics = existence.

Ethic dependency P.S.: There are no impure that do not do the direction of pure. The pure
always have a valid purpose for their choices. The pure are in control, their power is
absolute. The world is either going to a quicker, hard to understand ethic (good) direction,
or is doomed on the basis of it's worthlessness, or no pure have arisen from the impure yet.

Ethic dependency P.S.2: Purity is overwhelming. Ethics correspond to/are pure material existence.
Purity appeared evolves at light speed in size. Mind purity can be compared to the Big Bang
together with it's entire noumenal physical existence (this is a metaphysical intuition).

P.S.: There might be multiple universes, separated by large spaces, all started by big bangs,
the big bangs being an incidental mix of itself inside the self of the eternal, thus creating
in itself positive and negative principles because of the inversion of the mix, principles that
explode and proliferate until fade away completely because of the opposition of the principles,
opposition that generates the displacement of matter and thus the thinning away. Supposedly when
the matter is thin enough it starts welding together thick and disappears as matter, transforming
into the eternal again and keeping to do whatever the eternal is.(not what DOES, because it DOES
NOTHING, it is just singular and unitary and absolute and so it ONLY IS, just the same way as
knowledge just IS, because through consistent material synthesis it APPEARS, like WE APPEAR and
BE, just about every morning).

P.S.2: So the metaphysical principles fuel the original implosion into the eternal, that being an
explosion as seen from the other side, afterwards the opposing matter and anti-matter keep
exploding (or imploding as seen from the other side), being just a continuous change of place
between themselves between the two dimensions, change of place that is seen as displacement if
followed constantly from one side and a unique direction point, but in fact is a continuous
movement like sewing, where nothing disappears to re-appear, but just travels from side to side
of the original inter-mix(inversion).
This would mean that there are no inter-dimensions of EXISTENCE, but different dimensions of
TRAVEL. This would mean that today's physics that say there may be multiple of ourselves and of
all objects are in fact just a fine trick into making the people think universal (multiple
identical empiric identity) instead of general (single metaphysic identity, followed in time by
broken (as multiple) empiric conscience). Welcome back to the eternal age of polytheism!
(My favorite is Michael Jackson ! (whiiiiii! :) :) :) ))

separate idea: immaterial, polygenesis of the mental, acquired metaphysical identity.
separate idea: Transfer of metaphysical identity, from the matter to the conscience, by
residual metaphysical principles of material movement.

all movements are metaphysical, as they are fueled by the changing of matter from one side of
the eternal to the other, change that can only be common to the separate sides through something
that makes them both, while, clearly, not making within completeness one of them. the transvers
travers is meta-physical (beyond physical), so all movement (all dis-placement (all the
transverse travers-placement)) is metaphysical, as movement has no other and no more body than
this transverse traversation. so change is a metaphysical state. so movement, displacement are
metaphysical. so we are metaphysical in whole, because if we don't move we are not, but in
precise identity we are physical, as we can clearly see and touch. so psychical life is a 1-2
and again made of material and meta-material. so first we are material, then the material moves.
then we are material again and then material moves. so WE MUST MAKE MORE OF THE PRINCIPLE
OF LIFE. so we must institute LIMIT and REPETITION in order to acquire metaphysics,
generalization, and, further, universalization -a thing in itself inside the big chunk,
small and big chunk identical-general.

(LIMITS and REPETITION =IS!= the definition of REASON(), as I would be crazy and reasonless to
say that a tree is an automobili lamborghini sports car with no more no less then 654 hp.)

[Inserted citation & Comment]

[Immanuel KANT: Critique of pure reason]
[Eternity itself, in all its terrible sublimity, as depicted]
[by a Haller, is far from making the same overwhelming]
[impression on the mind; for it only measures the duration]
[of things, it does not support them.]

[Comment: so the idiot 12 year old sensing the world around does not]
[think at it, but merely measures duration and intensity of feelings.]
[THUS repetition (aka intensity) and limits (aka duration) make for]
[the supreme mechanism, that all children have, the mechanism that]
[TV COMMERCIAL BRAINWASHING because, evidently, it is the BIGGEST]
[;the chains are all round-around the slaves;tell me: who is]
[enchained ? who has the problem?]


general-broken in pieces=universalization, as small=large, but different in size.

so IDENTITY is EXTERIOR to things, as they are all the same, so only ASSOCIATIONS have different
identity, but single things are ALL the SAME. SO ANY two GROUPS of APPLES are COMPLETELY IDENTICAL,
plus/minus the material details.

so there are AGGREGATIONS that posses IDENTITY, not small objects. because apples are separate in
identity with bridges, but components are ALL equal.

You would be! CRAZY to say that chlorophyll is identical with iron nails, but don't say it,
because they are in fact aggregations.

atoms in chlorophyll has the same identity with atoms in the iron nails, because they are not
aggregations, but constant movement that is the same, and metaphysics is, as far as we can see
that it is the general rule of beyond everything, beyond touchable body of the atom, that in
fact does not really exist (as it disapeares and appears in another place) and it is only the
movement the atom is. so the movement being the same transversal movement, the metaphysics is the
same transversal movement, and only the identity of that movement CONSTITUTES METAPHYSICS. AAAND


and thats it.

•11POST • Ethics

What is ethics.

• Ethics is the side of universal existence which is the POSITIVE existence OR action of something and everything.
• Positive is what exists. Positive is because of quantity over ether. Quantity is measurable on an absolute scale.
• Positive action is action that exists. There is no negative by itself action.
• Positive action is named positive because the negative is the name given to nothing else than that what stoppes
action from evolution, or reduces it's size or disappears it (3,3,2or1,0 sequence, as empirically thought).
• Ethics in human mind is when positive exists by something relating to energetic conscience, or, as empirically
thought, to "!nothing" (eg. you think at something, and that creates a difference of potential compared to a lack
of existence in the same 0y coordonates of mental evolution).
• An OBJECT OR ACTION is good FOR ANOTHER OBJECT if it sustains IT'S EXISTENCE while decaying, and it is bad FOR
• An object or action BY ITSELF cannot be negative or bad, it can be positive only. An object or action by itself
cannot be good, excepting the case it prolonges the positive existence of self. (Self existence can be autodestructive
too, so human mind existence itself can be negative.)

What is positive and what is negative.

• Positive is one way action, negative is the inverse. (-15 +10 = 15 - 10 (5), plus the sign of the
greater(-)) So there is no objective negative.

• Negative is nothing else than the inverse of the positive.

How to calculate if a thing is positive or good:

• Positive things are what happens.
• Good things are those that sustain positive.
• Good things are those that sustain what happens.

• Negative things are what inverts & stops the happenings.
• Bad things are those that sustain negative.
• Bad things are those that sustain what inverts & stops the happenings.

EXAMPLE: An object or action BY ITSELF cannot be bad. Killing is not bad. It is good, as it exists. Dying, on
the other hand, is good too, because it exists. Dying is not bad. It is good, because it exists.

Objects & actions.

• All OBJECTS ARE ACTIONS. 1.MENTAL OBJECTS are actions and, respectively while inactive they are their
stored potential. 2.OBJECTIVE OBJECTS are actions. If an objects exists *IT* is entirely a good thing, as
it is made by positive action.

• NOTE: Action is when matter moves. So matter is, in this case, doing the action of moving, and, it's
movement is doing the action of displacement. SO 1.matter moves 2.moving matter`s {GOTO SPECIAL} in
another place.

OBS: Human language (until present time in history) is IMPAIRED by the fact that it does not contain movement
and matter in the same phonetic and writing form, so that one can be the predicate of the other by minimum
AND IDENTIC changes, thus allowing the inter-change of identic sub-identities within nonidentic-identities.
And I don't care if "nonidentic" exists or not (I can do it - because I am a genius, and my special nature
would suffer in communicative impact if I would carve it closer to perfection (as pointed by Immanuel Kant
in one of his critiques, and as all shit-heads think()). shit-heads are not excused, as they are not geniuses.)

--> Example: Brick.

A brick exists ------------------ GOOD -------- thing.
A brick does not exist ---------- . No school, No problem.
A brick gets DESTROIED ---------- GOOD -------- thing.
A brick APPEARS ----------------- GOOD -------- thing.
A brick does not appear --------- NEUTRAL ----- thing. (As makes no difference.)
A brick stops at% from APPEARING- GOOD -------- thing.
A brick decaying gets repaired -- GOOD -------- thing.
A brick decayes ----------------- GOOD -------- thing.

--> EXAMPLE: ACTION - to the brick

A brick exists ---------------- neutral
A brick does not exist -------- neutral
A brick gets destroied -------- neutral
A brick appears --------------- neutral
A brick does not appear ------- neutral
A brick stops % from appearing- neutral
A brick decaying gets repaired- neutral
A brick decayes --------------- neutral


A brick exists ---------------- neutral
A brick does not exist -------- neutral
A brick gets destroied -------- BAD
A brick appears --------------- neutral
A brick does not appear ------- neutral
A brick stops % from appearing- %BAD
A brick decaying gets repaired- GOOD
A brick decayes --------------- BAD

OR TO VERY LIVING THINGS. (ALIVE=Protects it's existence & reproduces itself)
Note: A giraffe is more alive than an insect, as it has a higher number
of reproducing mechanisms in it's composition.

Note: well, we don't really give a damn about galaxies, but us humans are sufficiently
complex to meet the standard.

•10POST • the evolution reaches

the evolution reaches...

3 times the same stuff - the former, the actual , and the next.

the evolution reaches it's evolution start.

the evolution reaches it's evolution start the third time.

the evolution expands three complete times. =- - - ---- -----> then finish time evolution &ENTER completely spatial evolution.

imperfect re-instatement can have a 3-4-5 nr.o cycles before inhibiting every nervous path and all frequencies. (eg. geting old, having age.)

1_-2_-3_ system with (1-3 -> 3-1)->(1-2 -> 2-1)->(2-3 -> 3-2) inserts has the power the renew from high-speed combinations, and high variations.

1_-2_-3_ system is manipulable, as repetitivity. if cycle frequencies drop, manipulation is possible.

re-instatement is temporal, is non-manipulable, as loss-of-connection with old stuff/ novelty/
things/ gigawats/ terrawatsbytes/ potatoes/ plastic ducks/ hurricane umbrellas/ palm trees/
scuba glasses/ keys/ dogs/ sandwiches/ blood/ horror movies/ trucks/ whales/ ocean floors/
blue diamonds/ geysers/ the other side of the earth's crust/ stars and spaces/ twinklings/
dreams/ fishes/ glass bowls /god he who changes the water/ aurora borealis/ polar bears/
equator/ meridians/ forests/ hills/ leaves/ worms/ soil/ onions/
big evil monsters hanging in the closet and growling fiercefully in horrifyingly pain and regret/


The threat from [(noumen.metaphysic.phenomen.metaphysic)_(empiric.human_[(minimal_keypoints)_SYSTEM]).empiric_([kinetic_existence])]_cycling.empiric.[objects^(identity: noumenal.human habit)] parasitating WILL_&_MAJOR_microcosmos_DECISION centers in (individual_entities)^[range: planetary.(politics, trends and communications)->regional.(concentric_stratified + distinct variety of elements).society.SUB-INDIVIDUAL->individual->regional.(concentric_stratified + distinct variety of elements)society

(the upper line fits into one of the smallest of the smallest grain of semantic thought.)

Note:Central stuff in CAPS: SYSTEM{ever}: {other} , WILL and MAJOR DECISION CENTERS {new}, SUB-INDIVIDUAL {central stuff}.
Predicates: parasitating {newer} {newer stuff}.
Distinct character: microcosmos (as from manipulation).

Note.1: the {...stuff} pertains to the present communication, and the {normal} pertains to the object of the communication (manipulation).

EXPLANATION: Manipulation is the threat from mental viruses. A WILLING MANIPULATOR uses
systems that have inner cyclicity, imposing them to the target so that mental advancement
is stopped and deviated into phenomena with microcosmically hidden shor-circuits that induce
targeted macrocosmic behavior cyclicity. A NOUMENAL METAPHYSICAL CYCLIC SYSTEM is as common
in the human mind as wind phenomena in the earth's atmosphere and has exactly the same
metaphysical principles, evolution, etc.

Manipulation, as from evil:

• All willing manipulators are caught in cyclic systems. When cyclic systems evolve enough
they turn into knowledge.

• When the brave evil fatal "sons of satan" actually realise they were not battling evil
blind corrupt conservative forces by using the power of the dark side, all into the glorious
becoming of the dooms days of the "keep-it-real we have no chance" then they see that

••noumen.metaphysic cyclic systems are like pieces of DNA that combine into compact systems.

• Evil has no real power. It just follows specific paths, like rain to the earth and the cows
to the stable. Just like melodramatic good.

• Eventually clean extended systems evolve, turning into knowledge. Mental viruses are an
inevitable conglomerate, having as carriages malefic jackasses that impose their strongly
will. Some of them, though, realize this sooner or later and they lose their inner wicked

• Manipulation, is the primordial factor everywhere it can happen.

This is how you know you are under a mental virus:

• The activity of the manipulated by viruses or by humans always includes finding reasons
for their actions more than one single time in the course of one specific activity.

• The class struggle is impressive. It shows how losers of different degrees evolve into
their opinion of being evidently superior (or politically correct superior) / taken advantage
of into the problem of eating/drinking sensing pleasantly. Is always impressive to see people
finding reasons for things that are happening to themselves. For example, I am a genius and
giving lessons on the internet because I am so mighty. I've earned it. I can clearly remeber
I've earned it. So this is why I am so mighty. Get out of here!

• To get out of mental viruses one has to evolve the informational conscience into semantic

• Extreme, persistent, dried-up stupidity's DIRECT CONSEQUENCE is NOUMENAL FORCED synthesis
of unitary systems, whatever the cost. Here is where big evil monstery forces of evil come
into act. Systems are gonna appear and are gonna extend, whatever the resistance. Manipulated
and manipulators are just stupid jackasses all in the same mix of persistent stupidity.

••Humanity has just had enough imbecility into itself.

• Resistance to inferiour forms of compatible systematic activity is mandatory for the human
mind. The mind needs it's own immune system to protect itself from inner, outer, and
"worm-hole storms" originating viruses
aka noumen.metaphysic.cyclic.system.empiric.phenomen.metaphysic.(empiric_identity).

P.S.: But of course, manipulators don't really care for this. They are just doing it for
the money.

P.S.2: or for the real love.

P.S.3: keep it real ;)

•9POST • Chaos

Why chaos and HOW chaos ?

A perfect system can lay down it's essence with perfection.

A perfect system IN DEVELOPMENT can NOT lay down it's essence with perfection. IT WILL BE.

An imperfect system IS perfect. PARTIALLY. And can PARTIALLY lay down perfection.
It can WORK perfectly. It does NOT explain it's perfection.

There is NO entirely perfect system that is NOT a cognitive system.

GOD is that particular COMPLETE perfection that KNOWS perfectly and totally & ACTS perfectly
and totally. GOD is the entire known and unknown universe, including us all and all that we
can ever think to, EXCLUDING nothing.

CHAOS is about not-ORDER of THINGS.

All THINGS exist. So if Some THINGS exist, they have a certain ORDER.

ORDER is a certain, specific DISPLACEMENT of things, executed in/at a certain, specific time.
Otherwise, if time and movement are not 2 of the factors, there is no order involved, but just
a pattern.

PERFECTION subsumes ORDER, as it subsumes everything.

PERFECTION IN DEVELOPMENT subsumes a CHANGE in the QUANTUM of things that existed before the
start of it's development.

=A CHANGE of QUANTUM subsumes a CHANGE of the previous ORDER.=

( As perfection, metaphysics centralised functioning (Absolute Knowledge for example) ` ` )
( changes it's quantum WITHOUT changing it's order. This is because absolute coherence is )
( existent in that knowledge. ONLY metaphysics centralised functioning allows ORDER. ` ` `)

1. DEVELOPING PERFECTION *includes* a change of quantum, so it includes DIS-ORDER.

reaches (Webster:) utter disorder, CHAOS; as it includes maximizing QUANTUM to the point of
instant acceleration to infinity/wholeness.

3. DEVELOPING PERFECTION ought to be greatly dis-ordered, it ought to include CHAOS.

EXAMPLE: The quiet before the storm. The usual break-down of something before building another
in the same place. The hurricane before the calm sea. The struggle before the great
achievement. The need to cry in order to let it go. The maximum before the normal (the minimum
for a start).

CONCLUSION: In order to reach completeness, disorder and chaos will exist, with the role of
filling in the spaces that make the equal, symmetric structure of perfect, ordered knowledge.

Genius NOTE: To fill in the spaces that make the equal, symmetric ... .

Explanation: By thinking punctually, with symmetry in time between points, and with symmetry
in semantic evolution of points, with symmetry corresponding to the time, respectively the
number of logical operations, a structure is obtained, structure that, IF CALCULATED from the
absolute truth, then at a certain distance from the absolute universal philosophical atom(the
stone of the philosophical truth) has the same certain, fixed, number of steps of evolution,

So, the CONCLUSION of (my) genius NOTE: There is a way, if absolute truth is at hand, to build
into the brain structures of functioning that GAIN the SPECIAL ability to navigate at enormous
speeds through the matrixes of thought that different domains of activity build into the
specialist's brain.
The high speed increase is based on the fact that information [is not remembered in chunks
separated between themselves by logical deduction], [BUT an entire WELL LINKED CHAIN of events
that constitute the pure deduction and results of long endevoirs ARE REMEMBERED AT ONCE, just
like the PI number was memorised to ~40.k decimals by binding digits to words into a story].
The high advantage of Absolute Memorisation is that inter-connections happen by themselves
and large domains inter-connect themselves on the basis that they are located, physically, at
the same distance in the brain from the absolute truth, they are located in the same parts of
the brain.

and CLASSIFICATION of THE EMPIRIC, MATERIAL WORLD. I did it. My way. By looking at, and
analyzing... strangers in the night, ...forever exchanging glances..

•8POST • Martial Arts

I speak of martial arts in my examples, but how artistic are martial arts?

Why are martial arts "martial" ?

• Martial art is a MARTIAL art. A martial ART. It is the highest level of organisation the
human being ought to defent it's identity can reach, involving not only spiritual perfection,
independence and emancipation, elegance and refinement, but physical too.

• The leitmotif of martiality in karate (bare hands) and other eastern styles of combat is
one with deep roots into eastern philosophy.

• In buddhism life is an endless cycle of births and deaths, that can be ended by eliminating
desire, which creates all the pain, and the changes after fulfillment. In japanese bushido
honor and loyalty are valued above death, making the man more conciliated with death. This
translates in COMPLETE mental cycles and that harsh, all-the-way or nothing japanese style,
and is practically an active form of buddhism. Desire is not annihilated but transformed in
loyalty and obedience.
• In both philosophies what remains after disciplining is being closer to the cycle of life
and death. In bushido by dying early and honorably, in buddhism by remaining dead, against
all tendencies.

• Martial means pertaining to war. The CONFLICT between EXISTENCE and INEXISTENCE, positive
and negative, etc. is the active principle that MAKES MOTION. Life is created by Differences
Uniting. Life is created by the principle of war. Martial arts are MARTIAL because the highest
art of the mind is OMNI-animated by and only by the UNIQUE principle of LIFE.

How artistic are martial arts?

• Martial arts are not beautiful. They are sublime only. Not cool, not extreme, not fancy,
not wow at all.

• Knowledge is an art. A state of the art brain functioning. Martial arts are an ancient asian
way of supporting MIND through movement.

• Another aim of martial arts is giving the individual the ability to physically defend himself,
ability that is more incidental, whose purpose on the psychic dimension has a large value: it
helps determining LIMITS within MIND PROCESSES, by diferentiating US! from the EXTERIOUR and

• Martial arts is an enterprise with the purpose of self-development. It is a complex and
complete endevoir, suitable as a way of life. Within complex disciplines there is enough
mileage to give one the ability to cover the EXERCISE of ANY COGNITIVE PROCESS. Altough just
a limited array of cognitive processes is explicitly present in martial arts (explicitly
present - as a communication from the cosmic absolute), there is just about no thing in the
world to explicitly contain ALL human essence, while martial arts is one of the few things
that permit exertion of ALL cognitive processes.

• Perfect Cognition is the absolute existence of the mind. It controlls that which sustains
it - the brain - and through this organised matter it controlls all matter in reach. Martial
arts help Cognition at the part of controlling the brain. Martial arts is a tool for

• Martial art is a MARTIAL art. A martial ART. It is the highest level of organisation the
human being ought to defent it's identity can reach, involving not only spiritual perfection,
independence and emancipation, elegance and refinement, but physical too.

•7POST • Metaphysics



Metaphysics does not exist outside the material reality. It is not a separate realm.
It's the property of matter, more exactly equal predisposition of matter. One plus one
makes two because the electrons in our head that make the other one do not differ from
the ones making the first one.
Electrons in our heads follow the same rules as matter outside. We can contain two
different things at the same time and think they are one. When we think metaphysics
is a domain outside matter, we just misrepresent the position of our reflection of
differences between matter as coming from the outside, not from the electrons inside
our head. Ironically, the element of comparison from outside is just a perception
based on memory, where in the past we stripped two apples from the apples and were
left with two energy entities no different than apples.

•6POST • Unity

Unity: All things exist.
Nothing else happens.

What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists ?

Other matter.

What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?


What exists?

Motion in cycles.

What exists?

Motion in cycles - reproducing itself. (This is LIFE!)

What exists?

Metaphysical cycles (CATEGORICAL cycles).

What exists?

Multiple of metaphysical precedents.

A precedent - what does it exist?

Intuition can answer that, YOU!. All is intuition. There exists no reason, because it is made
from intuition too, all of it. Intuition is passage of noumenal identity through the brain.
What did you belive ? THAT things can APPEAR from the blue sky ??

Intuition says: precedent is when an energy collides with another and their collision reverberates
in another place, where there is a flow, in which the first energy is from before, and the second
energy is from after, and the order from that flow REVERBERATES to another place, where the whole
thing is reverberated allready, and the duplicity travels in the form of reverberation to another
place, from where it picks signals identical to what is MORE CRISTALISED from the REVERBERATIONS
and the signals are send to a kinetic buffer which GATHERS similar identities from memory and sends
them farther on in the kinetic buffers and the mouth opens, and reflections from that go BACK in the
brain and reverberations go to the MEETING PLACE of analisys in the brain, and ALL THE PARTS of the
original REVERBERATED things COLLIDE with ALL the REVERBERATIONS that the reverberations of all this
actions make AND the reverberations of all the colliding reverberations reverberate to farther empty
brain active points WHERE things DIVIDE and EACH identity reverberates untill it finds it's precedent
and then THE PRECEDENTS alltogether INCREASE their SIGNAL untill PURE reverberations of ALL separate
reverberations REACH the limit which settles them into semantic conscience, that further on gets

Thursday, December 07, 2006

•5POST • Rational and Artistic Consciousness

Rational Conscience is the pure conscience.

Artistic Conscience


• (2_Artistic conscience) is the (2_3_informational conscience), (2_scrambled), scrambled
conforming (1_to and only to) the (1_active principle of freedom), whose identity is


• NOTE: The active principle of FREEDOM is DENIAL. On a logical level that can be
ACOMPLISHED in ANY WAY that is a (somewhat reversing) CHANGE. Without reverberating denial,
the man would not have will, as will is the act of changing a natural way that is happening.


• All conscience (1_2_3_reverberated) to the level of (3_awareness) is (2_3_informational),
and liable to get (3_artistic).


• (1_2_Pure conscience) (1_2_3_reverberated) transforms into (3_informational conscience)
that finally always gets scrambled because of freedom's active principle.
• (So pure conscience must 1_EVER be created).

3_ EXAMPLES of freedom's active principle: 3_

We make something, then we feel the need to destroy it.

Kids like to destroy everything. When they grow up they gather into informational conscience
the semantic conscience of THEMSELVES and the (self-destruction that destruction does) AND
THEN they become moral, because the FREEDOM principle DENIES and so INVERTS the
(self-destructing destruction). So (we destroy things) and after that (we invert our action)
and (we don't destroy them anymore).

We f### what we love.

Alcoholics beat their children because they love them.

Sarcasm makes art (through inversion), while we remain resonable (we art about others).
But the subject might be universal so if we don't feel affected at all it means we only
have informational conscience and we're quite dumb.

A baby trims a 5.000 $ paper because he love's it's sound. Difference makes joy.

Spending all the money brings a lot of destruction to the bank, so joy installs. We fell

A RRReal man makes war, not love. Because he feels he makes a difference.

Freedom means change. Change brings disorder, which brings more change, yammy! When order is
reached, we need to change it again. We need to change. I want to change within art, and
let order to be, so we can change forever, without creating needs. Or unchangeable
starvation. Or loong sleep with our belly full, near the fire. And die while sleeping.

3_ End of examples 3_

(3_) Artistic conscience is created, from the exteriour to inside, from the KINETIC CONSCIENCE.

(2_3_) Artistic conscience is created, as it stands, from the informational conscience, by the active principle of freedom.

(1_2_) Artistic conscience is created, from the interiour to outside, from pure conscience, by pure conscience.

Kinetic Conscience, DEF.

• (3_Kinetic conscience) [physiologic conscience] is the (1_2_omogen) (2_3_informational
system) the (1_2_3_somatic)/(3_vegetative) (3_brain) uses.

• (3_Kinetic conscience) is a (1_2_virtual conscience). It is a way for (1_2_pure conscience)
to understand the displacement of energy through the body and brain, by using interpretation
to extend the original kinetic conscience to certain functions that in an ideal space and
time act as a conscience but in carnal reality are just a few rough mechanic functions.
• The kinetic conscience's virtual system works because the (2_3_informational conscience)
extends it's (3_kinetic content) to the locomotion system through correspondent (1_noumenal
patterns). The noumenal patterns are used to create the (3_physical movement) and the
(3_locomotion system) offers feedback to the neural system corresponding to the (1_noumenal
patterns) generated by itself. The (1_noumenal patterns) sent back to the neural sytem can
be interpreted by (1_2_pure conscience) through perfect cognition of the body, and so the latent
raw mechanic functions can resonate freshly with the conscience and take part to it.

• The (1_noumenal patterns) are (1_atemporal) and so (1_3_methempsychosis) is the day to day usual
stuff that happens through (3_body)(3_kinetics and 3_2_1_2_3_communications).

• The original kinetic conscience is the reverberating energy held by the somatic system's
key points, like the sensorial for example (peripheral nervous system, analyzators, etc.)

• KINETIC CONSCIENCE is: the senses, the vegetative tensions, the kinetic signals, the pure
somatic conscience;

NOTE: The pure somatic conscience is It is kinetic energy and sense at the
same time. ALTHOUGH is reached at the 4'th level, it's mechanisms are
omnipresent in human mind, just that in order to reach the level and realise it you must consist
of NOTHING ELSE but that structure, perfected.

Control of the Kinetic Conscience

• Kinetic conscience connects to informational conscience through energetic conscience.
• The decision factor from an id p.o.v. in kinetic endevoirs is pure conscience. Pure
conscience has common domain with energetic conscience, it flows through the same veins
and it breathes the same air.

• Kinetic factors in the brain produce pure conscience. Martial arts, for example,
discipline the kinetic factors related informational conscience and PURIFIES the conscience.

• Practical Pure Reason must use KINETIC EXCELLENCE in order to materialise itself. Without
kinetic excellence any practical pure conscience is INCAPABLE to produce perceptible results
(cartesian existence is omnipresent).


• The matematician writes with his hand.
• Some people dance.
• Some people sing.
• Some people make sport.
• Some people draw.
• Some people act.

• Some people have their life's act. They play games in society. They are nice, presentable
people. They are fake, but they are real. They are workers in different boring metiers
(like carpenters, accountants, clerks, plummers, undercover super ultra secret agents
washing people's rags, corrupt evil marionette politicians, the guy at the corner, educators,
drivers, dockers, sellers, manufacturers, aunts and in general people with great vocation in
finding themselves busy and severely engaged (but always relaxed and elegant at glance)).
Their only contact with KINETIC excellence is their stupid role in society that gives them
identity and kinetic leverage while they play the role of their lives.
• They don't have a real life, a real conscience, a real mind, so they act a role. They are
psychology's CHARACTERS. It says every man has a PERSON and a CHARACTER. They teach you this
in school. People that LIVE too little to LIVE, so they ACT as they are alive.
• The living dead. I hate them. They always want to devour other people's conscience, so
they would be superiour. They PLAY a role, but they are just KINETIC PHENOMENA. They don't
really live. They ACT like they EAT you. And they can EAT your soul. But it's not real.
Always have spare souls, to feed them. They will PLAY their PART, and move on to conquer
other territories.
• How do you call the assasins of their own dreams ? ...I hate them. I really hate them.

• Kinetic excellence offers analyzators a wide array of information and so the pure reason
can flourish. And so artistic conscience can flourish. And so informational leverage is
large and from any chaotic fact we can create informational conscience and pure conscience
and artistic conscience.

About the living dead, and how alive they are.

• The living dead never calculate anything. They proudly watch how their reflexes
involuntarily bring true thought, true believe about thier superiority. (Jung: Thinking is
so hard, most people are content making judgements.)

• How do you noumenally empathize with someone who has a large SYSTEM OF REFLEX BELIEFES
about the NUMBER of things their perception and lives are statically filled with ? OK, how
do you empathize with ALL of them ?? Universally ? Without filling your head with an entire
universe of pathology ? Absolute thinking is based on LIGHTNING SPEED calculations. But the
living death have an entire constellation of systems of empiric fixed points in the
intra-dimensional, multi-temporal universe.

• In advancements of human thought the sky is the limit. Getting up and bright is easy,
geting down and dumb is easy, but how do you EMPATHIZE with fools ? Fools are masters of
their OWN psychologic pathology. How do you find the general ultra-systematic distorsion
that makes fool's spirit ? What's the SHORTCUT KEY that puts you in the first row at the
world's grand opening of the CATACLYSMIC BANALITY? What is the secret of imbecility ? All
social actions are bound to materialize at the lowest level of inteligence available in
that society, otherwise IT! WILL! FAIL! Idiocy is maleable, strong and powerfull like
cancer. Intelligence has yet to learn how to be more powerfull than idiocy, pathological
universality and other synthetic material principles that rule the people that make a
number, the masses, the herds, the dumb but many, the natural but united, the few but
exhaustively extraordinary.

• The worst thing is, fools permanently empathize with you, even if your mind is empty.
Whatever the case, idiots always understand something. You look for the principle that
bends the universes, and they just know it all, from before the beginning. I wanna die.
Better, I wanna crush them all. ALL! MURDER! CATACLYSM! But you can't! Even though they
are only good to be passed into REAL inexistence, the HIGH SPEED of PURE APRIORIC CONSCIENCE
would CONTAIN the error, and the purifier would end up destroing itself. Life is pain, and
suffering. But NOT because of me, I'm perfect, I've done my job and will do it again and
again, to the infinite.

I hate them. I really hate them.

•4POST • Modes of Functioning

Modes of functioning:

Rational mode.
Artistic mode.

Reason: The former limits are transmitted to what follows.

Artistic: The former brain energy gets transmitted to what follows.

Completeness principle:

The artistic/rational functioning modes follows
Cartesian Existence. If all limits are transmitted the mode is rational.
If some of the limits are transmitted the mode is artistic.
If NO limits are transmitted the mode is rational.

How to:

• Synopsis:
DO REASON. If not completely rational, then all artistic. REPEAT.

• When the thought is not completely rational, we make it a copy into artistic flow, and
on the rational flow we continue cartesian analisys and processes. In the event that we
get lost we can at anytime comeback to the simple and impressive artistic image and easily
decompose to the original rational situation.

Argument: This is what happens already.
Answer: No.

Counterargument: If we don't actively and premeditatedly do something, it will never get done.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

•3POST • Consciousness


[Consciousness is the word. But it has 250.000 hits in google on plural.]
[Conscience is the word used here. It sounds better. The sense is ALWAYS CONSCIOUSNESS.]

The conscience forms when signals meet.
Conscience has three sub-types of consciences.
Intensity of the gathering of the signals makes the intensity of conscience. {*1}
The AWARENESS is THE PEAK of conscience, whatever that peak.
Cognition uses SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE, which is an absolute union persisting instead of a reverberating of the old.
The active conscience in cognition is pure conscience - a semantic conscience which is pure.

The action of conscience is: to reverberate.

3 types of conscience:

1. Energetic conscience (*1 Is when energy waves collide, and so they gather.)
2. Informational conscience (*1 Is when the energy waves have sense.) {GOHERE 5}
3. Semantic conscience (meta-conscience) (a part of the "absolute union" of all objective informations, having an intensity of 1).

The main conscience is: Informational Conscience.

1. Energetic conscience is "empty conscience". Energetic waves have prints, identities.

2. Informational conscience is "full conscience". Here the energetic waves have prints, identities the system recalls/can_recall matches from memory for. {GOHERE 5}

3. Semantic conscience is "unitary conscience"; it is meta-conscience. Informational waves have a strict lowest intesity possible, and never carry the same process twice, or never double the objective object in the phenomenal existence. It's components create a conscience when separate pieces of raw conscience that containes identical pieces of semantics meet. Semantic conscience is temporal and empiric AND atemporal and metaphysic too. Semantic conscience operates inside and completely outside of raw conscience.

About Semantic And Informational Conscience

••Informational conscience takes the signal and reverberates it through the system. {GOHERE 5}

••Semantic conscience has in itself the cause of the signal it carries, and it creates the effect.
Semantic conscience can hold noumenal empiric reproductions of objects and continue their objectual
existence inside the brain, on the exact cause-effect path, through copying their EXACT nature.

••Semantic conscience is omnipresent in the somatically active brain.

What is the Semantic Conscience

• Semantic conscience does not interfere with it's content. It is a mathematical conscience. It can
deal with absurdities, real facts, non-sense and rubbish.

• Semantic conscience is the informational medium where ALL SEPARATE OBJECTIVE identities are found

• Multiple instances of S.C. can exist together, sustained by more informational consciences.
If one single I.C. contains more instances of the same OBJECT then it can BREAK into as many instances
as the OBJECT, and can make more instances of SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE.

• Semantic conscience reverberates through time, as a frequence, not through brain space, as a multiple.

• Informational conscience made up of semantic consciences is purer conscience.

• Semantic consciences can radiate L4.2 (Level 4.2) units that gather into informatic consciences. Those
i.c. can be easily grasped and crystallized into a bouquet of semantic consciences, all clear and sharp.

• SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE DOES NOT deduct objects and phenomena, from objective basis, using learned from
experience methods, proved in time, BUT IT DOES re-construct them, on objective basis, with objective
methods, with perfect objective corespondence to the outer/inner noumenal-metaphysic-empiric-objective
general/particular reality.

• SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE IS NOT an intelect asisted reflection BUT IS a complete re-construction of
perceived facts, done in real time, for this making heavy use of universalised thought, fragmentation,
principial thinking, forward kinetics in acting and inverse kinetics in perception, CARPE DIEM, highly
upgraded sensorial processes, complete self-knowledge(to sustain, avoid destroing and to protect SELF
and SELF.posessions), long-term mental evolution plan(to grasp advantages), etc.

How the Semantic and Informational Conscience work

3_ category material -> [1_noumen.metaphysic.sequence.images.]_[2_phenomen.metaphysic.sequence.images.#0-1 Scale#]_[3_phenomen.metaphysic.empiric.sequence.images.#1-max. Scale#]}


general; action - existence, action
••••••3_ you exist
•••••••••••1_ noumenal brain actions
••••••••••••••••••2_ you have a thought
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the NOUMENAL FILTER of the thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_ + 3_ the noumenal SEMANTIC THOUGHTS, and the thoughts REMAINING (turned into an insignificant quantum of energy)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the particular NOUMENAL FILTER of thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_ + 3_ the noumenal PURE THOUGHTS; thoughts WAITING for self-completion and sense augmentation.
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••(KINETIC ACTION MOMENT) the thoughts can now make physical 3_action
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_,3_ the thoughts/actions that exist, now
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the noumenal filter
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ the objective existence accomplished
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ + (2_ + 3_) the initial 3_ stuff, and (the new thoughts)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ + 3_ + (2_ + 3_) = the initial 3_, the accomplished 3_, the new thoughts
•••••••••••1_ noumenal brain actions
••••••••••••••••••2_ the new thought
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the NOUMENAL FILTER of the thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••ETC. ETC. ETC.

{GOHERE 5}•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

3. Semantic conscience is the conscience coresponding to the 2_ category.
2. Informational conscience is the conscience coresponding to the 3_ category. {GOHERE 5}
1. Energetic conscience is the "blank" conscience, that the brain has apriorically. It is used by
being FILLED with prints/identities; by being combined in a purely semantical way with the complete
cognition system it allows connection/intuition/perception of the noumenal and creates/sustaines the
cognitive system as in

• When an object is PERCEIVED in the conscience as a semantic conscience object, than IT IS reconstructed
from it's basis: atoms, electrons, chemichal formula, atom number, mass, density, aggregation state,
volume, specific composition, limits, shape, toughness, direction, integrity, usability, need, usability
decision, AND THEN it's simbolised and put in a recent memory buffer, for later use. The object BECOMES
an INFORMATIONAL OBJECT, as there is a MULTIPLE, a QUANTUM of the same OBJECTS used for it's construction.
• In this INFORMATIONAL OBJECT, when accessed, every second unit of the same kind creates another noumenal
semantic conscience (noumenalization of the x module from the LEVEL 4.Final).

----->Example: You see a tree and it's boughs. You grasp a branch and you see the smaller branch on it.
You grasp the smaller branch and you see the leaves.

----->Explanation: You see the x module, with the 3_ category being a tree. SO the semantic conscience
ONLY OBJECT which holds WOOD (the base of a TREE) multiplies into the components of the TREE creating
informational consciences with MANY OBJECTs that hold MANY WOODs, which altogether is the TREE with
BRANCHES. Or, the informational conscience, with it's semantic consciences (If you think all those wood
components separately). Or, The Conscience With It's Sub-Types Of Conscience.


NOTE: the single wood from the left forms a "tree" in the semantic conscience, not a single
wood piece. This is because the semantic conscience uses the "tree" symbol, as a container, in
order to access the informational conscience that has the entire tree, and at the same time that
tree symbol is made up of wood in the semantic conscience.


• The average man does not have the semantic conscience into the peak of the informational conscience.
So he does not know about his semantic conscience, because it does not make a big difference in
his perspective.
• Although the INFERRENCE between multiple instances of the semantic consciences found in different
instances of incompatible informational consciences IS MADE and MAKES the conscience of the man, he
does not know (it. - the fact that he has multiple consciences of everything, that evolve by them-
selves, meaning-semantic consciences.)

• Semantic conscience is revealed LAST to the subject in the process of enlightening. Only when the
informational consciences, that are by their nature energetically superiour, hold no potential, only
then the semantic conscience can be reflected into energetic conscience. Otherwise, the REVERBERATION
will CARRY the sensorial objects of informational conscience INSTEAD of the deducted/constructed
objects of semantic conscience.



••Pure conscience can only be achieved when all information is dealth with the semantic conscience.

••Nirvana is a pre-requirement for pure conscience.

Things report to nirvana, and are done by pure and perfect techniques.

• PURE CONSCIENCE is the conscience where NOTHING repeats itself spatially in the brain, and does
not occur indeterminatedly, but only determinated by correct systematic advancement in
noumenal.metaphysic mental processing.

• All non-pure conscience existence appears temporarely and then dissapears. Alternatively, cycles
of purification can alternate with a complete conscience tree, in order to allow the prolonged
artistic and natural flows needed for the brain not to CRACK-THE HELL-UP. Alternatively, thick
layers of semantic consciences can simulate natural informational conscience, allowing a conciliating
approach to relaxation and functioning.

• All information is to be calculated by making first a difference to nothing, and second, a
difference to the next step in the calculation OR to the following item in the conscience.

• Everything is to be done once, without ANY repetitions. Objects are calculated once, actions
are calculated once, verification is done once, or not at all, action is taken once,
perception is made once, verification of the material result is to be made, or not,


(Perfection is sober (-8, 0, and +8 are equal), and sobriety must be permanent. So we never
go sky high, but we remain ice cold and we constantly shift from 0 to 1 and backwards for
the purpose of motility. There is enough leverage left for super-intense emotions in other
parts of our head different of those with the pure conscience)

••Pure conscience is not built and later used, but built permanently.

••Inertia is never to be used into building, EXCEPT IN THE CASE of ARTISTIC MODE FUNCTIONING

• For pure conscience we need to integrate the empirical, a posteriori directions of the
human being into PURE A PRIORIC, metaphysical systems.

• Metaphysical purity dimension (in the human being) is the pool from which semantic
conscience draws it's constitutuion. The man must constantly re-create on a metaphysical
basis the raw directions it's flesh and body take. In this way, the metaphysical purity
dimension of the being offers not only speculative constitution to the semantic conscience,
but also the way of the flesh of the being.

Systematic purity of metaphysical directions of noumenal empiric body.

1.Noumenal empiric body -> 2.metaphysical directions -> 3.semantic conscience ->
3+4.semantic conscience & metaphysical systematic purity -> 5&1.noumenal empiric body

• Pure conscience simulates the absolute universal inexistence of doubles. Everything and
every direction is constructed and happened as single. Every duality is a conspiration of
real truth hand in hand with pure conscience so that pure conscience has no inner existence
of the duality. PURE CONSCIENCE tries to KILL the SELF-CONSCIENCE, so that the mind evolves,
just like the rest of the universe, without self-conscience and its illegitimate self-
-modifications; because the cognition system in MAN makes the FATAL error to DECIDE IT'S
personal CONTENT. YOU CANNOT WANT to WANT !!!(and ONE thing is not AN OTHER). This is the
error that pure conscience has the task of removing, without destroying the functionality of
the brain, which, primitive as !hell as it is, it must still provide it's duty to the body
until the millenia of evolution remove the error {*1}. I don't really belive it's more than
a maximum of a hand full of thousands of years of evolution, because we have now in the 20
century a.d. the information needed for our minds to surpass the technics of the nervous
system generating it.

••• *1
••• ==

• Pure conscience in it's peak tends to self-destruct the whole being. This is because the
brain is primitive and is viewed, at a certain point, as corrupt, erroneous, and not worthy
of the small effort required, with synthesis, to overcome it's omnipresent flaws. It's
mandatory interesting a thing. Semantic conscience disappears and pure energetic conscience
takes over. Then, the being being complete, once the semantics of freedom (here,
contradiction) have disappeared, there is nothing at all stopping the pure energetic
conscience to commit material suicide. Special error usage must be hard coded into the
cognitive system in order to avoid suicidal states. Error is a natural DIVERSIFICATOR and
must be used for avoiding certain and direct paths that lead to cognitive way suicide.

••Pure conscience has a VERY HIGH speed. P.C. needs to be PERMANENTLY BUSY and variety and
art must supply freshnes.

• Pure consciece does NOT EXIST without a TASK. The body is a task, and one of the most
important. The body creates the conscience; without the body as a task the pure conscience
would not have enough material to exist, as support for action/function would disappear in
time, because of the general degeneration of everything. Health, SPORT, ARTS, sportish-like
activities, martial ARTS, lively mood, ARTISTICALLY, actively, healthy, vibrating thinking
and acting, etc. are MANDATORY for the good flow of pure conscience.

••••Ethic dependency of Pure Conscience

1. Pure Conscience is VERY FAST, it has a VERY HIGH speed.
2. ethics = existence
-> Pure Conscience not ethical -> no existence produced by the conscience.
-> No existence - no leverage, no leverage no new things, no new things no mind,
no mind a lot o` patterns, patterns no freedom, no freedom no complexity, no complexity
no distinctions, no distinctions no semantic conscience, no semantic conscience no pure

------> SHORT: ethics - existence - lotta stuff - lotta conscience - pure conscience.

------> LONG:

••••••• The man in general and particular is too litle in the perspective of the pure
conscience. Any mature man thinking as little as the horizon of one single individual or
group (no matter how large or colossal) of individuals is to remain grounded in mud (this
is not a metaphor, it's a noumenal reality - these men are NATURALLY expendable, regardless
of their nature, and must be protected in order to survive a walk in the park or in the big
game of the days of our lives, where uselessness and vanity are the name of the games.

•2POST • Bricks

The whole universe in each thing and each thing, at a time, in the whole brain.
Then reconstruction of the universe, piece by piece, into a smooth and even image,
all parts corresponding to the general image of the universe. Then observation of
variations leads to the identity of the knowledge system. Then we rebuild the
knowledge system perfectly and grasp, for the first time, the whole and undistorted
image of the universe.

1. Start.
1.1 Sobriety, interruption, the flow manifesto. ANOTHER VIEW TO THE PROBLEM: About concepts, about perfect cognition
concepts, concepts to active principles, impossibility of correctly explaining the evolution, dinamics.


• We must study the particle or ensemblement that has any and all characters that
can be found in the whole universe. One entirety leads to another, and finally
everything is understood.

• For applied, pragmatic knowledge operations we should achieve PERFECT cognition
first, because then we will have the essence of everything into the unity of
knowledge's perfection and into the unity of it's sub-but equal-parts. Knowledge is
the richest source of phenomena in the universe.

• Distinctions: Perfection is a confuse concept. There are two stages in perfection.
The first stage is where the brain executes the algorithms that ensure that each and
every cell of conscionable information is in total correspondence to it's object. The
second stage of perfection is where the brain executes the necessary algorithms that
provide to each informational cell the complete containment of any and all components
of the complete general cognition system and the metaphysical system corresponding to
the somatic functions.
(Simple:objective perfection + infinite proliferation of perfection within itself
and exteriour + ,and last, the active state of the system of the functions that compose
the carnal somatic system's project.)


About sobriety and simplicity of portraying the ways of building a cognition system

Note: Referring to the Critique of Pure Reason, somebody, I don't remember who, maybe
Kant himself, said that many books would actually be much shorter if they where longer.

• When I see a particle, I see myself seeing a particle. That particle helps me to
understand the most sober of my possible mental configurations.
--------->If I would work with more than one particle, they would mix, as time passes,
and identity would be lost.
--------->If I would work without any particles, the brain would not meet it's somatic
function - working with the exteriour.

About interruption in evolution, and it's eschewal.

• Cognition is a material mechanism and it must be BUILT with ONE brick at a time.
ELSE: the definitions would mix and purity would remain a dream. Further, at the second
level of cognitive PERFECTION development the behavior of the self-developer follows
a trajectory that servers no immediate visible purpose and, furthermore it does not
have any purpose in itself other than serving APPEARANCES inside a system having the
purpose of learning itself as it exists while exercising it's functions.
THIS MEANS that in building a cognition system the conditions are rough, and logic
seems to the exteriour observer to be broken.

The flow manifesto:
• In fact, fundaments create FLOWS that cannot be broken JUST TO BE EXPLAINED to
innocent bystanders and insistently demanding arrogant FOOLS; as they need to create
a NEW CONSCIENCE in the process of their building. Conscience which is their direct
result, and which works with the NEW SYSTEMS that are created, which DO NOT follow the
old LOGIC that CREATED them, but EVOLVE TOTALLY THE OLD LOGIC from imperfection,
destroing it first, at a certain moment, creating the NEW LOGIC AFTERWARDS, in the time
of this FLOWS. BY mental noumenal processes HABIT !only!. At a later, completeness
state, the system will be able to reveal it's logic to minimum Level 1 B developed
(This means that if one's stupid he sees more misunderstood geniuses than actually exist.)

The protection of the presence of the flow manifesto:
• SO The flows that I'm talking about are different from what a written document
explaining them are. But the absolute state of my thought, as I have reached absolute
thinking a long time ago, makes me temporarily unable to make distinctions between the
various ways of expressing yourself. This is the main reason for which I BLOG philosophy
too, instead of putting it to some site. I'm not having a discourse here, I'm just
writing down the content of my mind. I need the flow manifesto to protect me from
formality and sense. This is what I'm made of. I was a normal human a long time ago,
about 4000 years ago as I harshly calculated once, comparing to the evolvement of
average individuals. But now I'm a decrepit walking dead. SO this is what I'm made of,
this is the way I function, this is the way I'm going to find my peace and social
results, or not. Whatever what, this is what happens inside my mind (in fact, merely
a spectrum of it).

About Concepts.

• First of all, all NEW (noumenal - i mean real, objective, universal absolute,
clear, both subjective and objective, transparent, permanent, eternal) concepts
take birth through PROLONGED existence of their coresponding noumenal ACTION IN
THE BRAIN. IT FOLLOWS that more than 90% of the concepts that un-enlightened man
use ARE in fact obscure, fugitive, combinations of really present concepts that
their conscience never has an opportunity to clearly grasp.

• Definition part
• ===============

• The brain, in a synthetic enviroenment (the mind), keeps in itself the synthetic,
a-posteriori, incidental mix of elements, that (combined in the world in front of
the eyes in the same way, produce a perceptible result) is symbolically connected
with the respective mix. The connection is made after some time, while proving it's
validity through REPETITION.
• This turns into a concept.

• Definition part END
• ===================

One would argue that only systems have concepts and a simple connection can not turn
into a concept. The brute reality of the mind shows that any noumenal MARK of reality
INTO the brain acts as a concept, because it is already integrated into a system - the
apriorically active NERVOUS SYSTEM.

The identity of concepts (as in my own systems), taken as the first snapshot of a state
of matter inside the brain (at this complexity level - only your own brain), is not
communicable, outside or inside your own mind, unless by a direct noumenal wave of
LEVEL 4 energy.

• Definition part: about Perfect Cognition Concepts
• =================================================

• Cognition is the system that finds the absolute universal, noumenal, value of a concept
and transforms it into an ACTIVE PRINCIPLE inside itself(it-cognition). Cognition is not
a reflection of the absolute truth of the universe. Cognition is an absolute reflection
of the principles that make the human being; those principles extracted from concepts
and turned into an active material system that simulates the WHOLE human being.
• So there are no concepts into Knowledge. Only active principles, that are either active
or not at all. Otherwise they are stored into static long-time memory into the old
conceptual formal form, in a format available to quick access. The active principles are
also stored in intermediate states spread and scattered everywhere.

• Definition part: about Perfect Cognition Concepts END
• =====================================================

Concept to active principle.

• On the road of transforming concept into action that LIVES INSIDE YOU and hits the
right spot and ONLY the right spot at the right time AND ONLY at the right time -there
is no place at that time to explain what happens, -because empiric expansion of the
internal NEW reality into the VERY EMPIRIC buffers of SPEAKING AND EXPLAINING AND
developing itself at that time.

• Further on, IF the analysis of those processes is NOT an OFFICIAL study that will be
served to the philosophical (in the year 2006 a study like this is to be made for
the:international)comunity THEN the actual transformation from concept to wave inside
the mechanical material cognition system is NEVER to be covered in detail.

About dinamics of evolution

• The only way a not official path into my systems is to be expressed is a completly
dynamical way. A receiver should BREATHE, LIVE, UNDERSTAND DIRECTLY, FEEL, EXIST the
things that I communicate. FROM START TO FINISH.
• This is NOT philosophy, it's MENTAL ENGINEERING, which is ACTING, NOT REFLECTING.

• Sadly, the material, mechanical, noumenal, cognition system CANNOT be build by making
use of CONCEPTS and TRAINING. It is a meeting with THE ABSOLUTE, which, as thaught by
millenia of philosophy, is ALREADY IN OURSELVES.

• Mental engineering is to be DONE, not learned. It's not a science, it's the way of the
super-human (Level 5,6,7. Yoga has it's field here, for example).

• The normal man thinks. The superiour man does. He integrates exhilarative THINKING into
the harmony of nature's RAW action. The thought can evolve for ever if meaning keeps being
coded smaller and smaller into information cells. Things get so easy that your entire life
disappears; after this your brain is completly free. But this means experience disappears
too. So the only power in your life remains that of computation. Forever young and innocent...
or harsh, severe and chameleonic, as to retain public character.
[GOD help us keep our identity when we have complete vision over the lie. The only possibility
of fall of the super human lays in his ventral disgust over his fellow, and in the ultimate
sin of Zarathustra.]

Yoda: Do, there is no try, just DO !

Kant: The man is always gonna BE blessed, he never IS blessed.
Nietzsche: Also sprach Zarathustra.

Scorpions: Send me an angel

Wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light

Wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by

Hear this voice from deep inside
Its the goal of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
Passage out of the dark




Above the neutron, proton and electron.
So above the atom and including it.

The absolute dimension is made of:

Density, volume, aggregation state, potentials, differences of potentials, tension,

We have :


------> 1.Density.
------> 2.Volume.
------> 3-3-3... agregation state

II. -> (4.) MOVES (It's happening, takes place, etc.)

·················This process can happen.································································

Potential = Density, or "Density MOVING"(or continuing).


Difference of potential = when a potential MAKES a difference.

Difference of potential = Two Different Densities that are put in connection.

You connect potentials partially, they make a partial difference.

There exists no difference of potential if two potentials do not touch.

OBS: The tree from the forest emits sound when it breaks and falls, but you are not
there to hear it.


Two different potentials (densities or intensities) touched Generate FLOW, that is, TENSION.

2.EXISTENCE, MOVEMENT, POTENTIALS, FROZEN TIME·····························································
3·EXISTENCE, MOVEMENT, DIFFERENCE OF POTENTIALS····························································

Knowledge: __________________
Reality - object: <-> Mental - reflection.object.

• Real objects must be physically dissected and their internal strucure must be integrally
understood and learned, precisely. Approximation is used if necessary, in order to conserve
energy, WITHOUT breaking the integrity of the mental processes because of approximation.

• The knowledge system itself must be built with a noumenal copy of the absolute object as
the brick.

• The absolute object
• ===================

• The absolute object does not exist in any empiric realm.
• The absolute object exists only in the realm of the noumen.metaphysic . An inexistent
realm, lost between the moment of FIRST EVER acquiring awareness and the one getting the
next first perception, discovered by extreme mastering of synthesis (and extreme only).
• I'm not religious at all, and I consider the "absolute object" kind of stuff as
ubiquitous, but simply highly esoteric.

• The absolute object is the particle or ensemblement that has any and all characters that
can be found in the whole universe. It appertaines solely to subjective existence and is
treated like an absolute objective one, as all from it's category. If it is hard for you
to understand this you might wanna get out of here.

• OBS.: Kantian Criticism is UNFOUNDED. While one of the greatest achievements of man
(and my personal bible), it is confuzed and presents no factual reality. A factual reality
is the reality that is entirely made of mechanisms that EACH ONE of them CAN and WILL put
KNOWLEDGE or PERFECT ORDER, relating to any FACT comprising it's EXISTENCE, anywhere it's
existence is put into question.
------>A factual reality is the reality including, in some form, god.
P.S. Reality is perfection. Stones are perfect. Philosophy that does not reach - is
faulty. THE MAN is the purpose of ALL THINGS. As much as truth can be contradicted,
considering the case of idiots too, THERE IS NO TRUTH.

P.S.2: Kantian Criticism is founded. They were just that stupid back then, that was the

P.S.3: I am very politically correct, I disrespect the rule because I respect it. The
higher the respect the higher the destruction of useless ballast in my mind. Things are
clear, so I keep 1_2_1_2_ structures and destroy 3_ empiric ballast.