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Saturday, December 09, 2006

•8POST • Martial Arts

I speak of martial arts in my examples, but how artistic are martial arts?

Why are martial arts "martial" ?

• Martial art is a MARTIAL art. A martial ART. It is the highest level of organisation the
human being ought to defent it's identity can reach, involving not only spiritual perfection,
independence and emancipation, elegance and refinement, but physical too.

• The leitmotif of martiality in karate (bare hands) and other eastern styles of combat is
one with deep roots into eastern philosophy.

• In buddhism life is an endless cycle of births and deaths, that can be ended by eliminating
desire, which creates all the pain, and the changes after fulfillment. In japanese bushido
honor and loyalty are valued above death, making the man more conciliated with death. This
translates in COMPLETE mental cycles and that harsh, all-the-way or nothing japanese style,
and is practically an active form of buddhism. Desire is not annihilated but transformed in
loyalty and obedience.
• In both philosophies what remains after disciplining is being closer to the cycle of life
and death. In bushido by dying early and honorably, in buddhism by remaining dead, against
all tendencies.

• Martial means pertaining to war. The CONFLICT between EXISTENCE and INEXISTENCE, positive
and negative, etc. is the active principle that MAKES MOTION. Life is created by Differences
Uniting. Life is created by the principle of war. Martial arts are MARTIAL because the highest
art of the mind is OMNI-animated by and only by the UNIQUE principle of LIFE.

How artistic are martial arts?

• Martial arts are not beautiful. They are sublime only. Not cool, not extreme, not fancy,
not wow at all.

• Knowledge is an art. A state of the art brain functioning. Martial arts are an ancient asian
way of supporting MIND through movement.

• Another aim of martial arts is giving the individual the ability to physically defend himself,
ability that is more incidental, whose purpose on the psychic dimension has a large value: it
helps determining LIMITS within MIND PROCESSES, by diferentiating US! from the EXTERIOUR and

• Martial arts is an enterprise with the purpose of self-development. It is a complex and
complete endevoir, suitable as a way of life. Within complex disciplines there is enough
mileage to give one the ability to cover the EXERCISE of ANY COGNITIVE PROCESS. Altough just
a limited array of cognitive processes is explicitly present in martial arts (explicitly
present - as a communication from the cosmic absolute), there is just about no thing in the
world to explicitly contain ALL human essence, while martial arts is one of the few things
that permit exertion of ALL cognitive processes.

• Perfect Cognition is the absolute existence of the mind. It controlls that which sustains
it - the brain - and through this organised matter it controlls all matter in reach. Martial
arts help Cognition at the part of controlling the brain. Martial arts is a tool for

• Martial art is a MARTIAL art. A martial ART. It is the highest level of organisation the
human being ought to defent it's identity can reach, involving not only spiritual perfection,
independence and emancipation, elegance and refinement, but physical too.