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Thursday, December 07, 2006

•5POST • Rational and Artistic Consciousness

Rational Conscience is the pure conscience.

Artistic Conscience


• (2_Artistic conscience) is the (2_3_informational conscience), (2_scrambled), scrambled
conforming (1_to and only to) the (1_active principle of freedom), whose identity is


• NOTE: The active principle of FREEDOM is DENIAL. On a logical level that can be
ACOMPLISHED in ANY WAY that is a (somewhat reversing) CHANGE. Without reverberating denial,
the man would not have will, as will is the act of changing a natural way that is happening.


• All conscience (1_2_3_reverberated) to the level of (3_awareness) is (2_3_informational),
and liable to get (3_artistic).


• (1_2_Pure conscience) (1_2_3_reverberated) transforms into (3_informational conscience)
that finally always gets scrambled because of freedom's active principle.
• (So pure conscience must 1_EVER be created).

3_ EXAMPLES of freedom's active principle: 3_

We make something, then we feel the need to destroy it.

Kids like to destroy everything. When they grow up they gather into informational conscience
the semantic conscience of THEMSELVES and the (self-destruction that destruction does) AND
THEN they become moral, because the FREEDOM principle DENIES and so INVERTS the
(self-destructing destruction). So (we destroy things) and after that (we invert our action)
and (we don't destroy them anymore).

We f### what we love.

Alcoholics beat their children because they love them.

Sarcasm makes art (through inversion), while we remain resonable (we art about others).
But the subject might be universal so if we don't feel affected at all it means we only
have informational conscience and we're quite dumb.

A baby trims a 5.000 $ paper because he love's it's sound. Difference makes joy.

Spending all the money brings a lot of destruction to the bank, so joy installs. We fell

A RRReal man makes war, not love. Because he feels he makes a difference.

Freedom means change. Change brings disorder, which brings more change, yammy! When order is
reached, we need to change it again. We need to change. I want to change within art, and
let order to be, so we can change forever, without creating needs. Or unchangeable
starvation. Or loong sleep with our belly full, near the fire. And die while sleeping.

3_ End of examples 3_

(3_) Artistic conscience is created, from the exteriour to inside, from the KINETIC CONSCIENCE.

(2_3_) Artistic conscience is created, as it stands, from the informational conscience, by the active principle of freedom.

(1_2_) Artistic conscience is created, from the interiour to outside, from pure conscience, by pure conscience.

Kinetic Conscience, DEF.

• (3_Kinetic conscience) [physiologic conscience] is the (1_2_omogen) (2_3_informational
system) the (1_2_3_somatic)/(3_vegetative) (3_brain) uses.

• (3_Kinetic conscience) is a (1_2_virtual conscience). It is a way for (1_2_pure conscience)
to understand the displacement of energy through the body and brain, by using interpretation
to extend the original kinetic conscience to certain functions that in an ideal space and
time act as a conscience but in carnal reality are just a few rough mechanic functions.
• The kinetic conscience's virtual system works because the (2_3_informational conscience)
extends it's (3_kinetic content) to the locomotion system through correspondent (1_noumenal
patterns). The noumenal patterns are used to create the (3_physical movement) and the
(3_locomotion system) offers feedback to the neural system corresponding to the (1_noumenal
patterns) generated by itself. The (1_noumenal patterns) sent back to the neural sytem can
be interpreted by (1_2_pure conscience) through perfect cognition of the body, and so the latent
raw mechanic functions can resonate freshly with the conscience and take part to it.

• The (1_noumenal patterns) are (1_atemporal) and so (1_3_methempsychosis) is the day to day usual
stuff that happens through (3_body)(3_kinetics and 3_2_1_2_3_communications).

• The original kinetic conscience is the reverberating energy held by the somatic system's
key points, like the sensorial for example (peripheral nervous system, analyzators, etc.)

• KINETIC CONSCIENCE is: the senses, the vegetative tensions, the kinetic signals, the pure
somatic conscience;

NOTE: The pure somatic conscience is It is kinetic energy and sense at the
same time. ALTHOUGH is reached at the 4'th level, it's mechanisms are
omnipresent in human mind, just that in order to reach the level and realise it you must consist
of NOTHING ELSE but that structure, perfected.

Control of the Kinetic Conscience

• Kinetic conscience connects to informational conscience through energetic conscience.
• The decision factor from an id p.o.v. in kinetic endevoirs is pure conscience. Pure
conscience has common domain with energetic conscience, it flows through the same veins
and it breathes the same air.

• Kinetic factors in the brain produce pure conscience. Martial arts, for example,
discipline the kinetic factors related informational conscience and PURIFIES the conscience.

• Practical Pure Reason must use KINETIC EXCELLENCE in order to materialise itself. Without
kinetic excellence any practical pure conscience is INCAPABLE to produce perceptible results
(cartesian existence is omnipresent).


• The matematician writes with his hand.
• Some people dance.
• Some people sing.
• Some people make sport.
• Some people draw.
• Some people act.

• Some people have their life's act. They play games in society. They are nice, presentable
people. They are fake, but they are real. They are workers in different boring metiers
(like carpenters, accountants, clerks, plummers, undercover super ultra secret agents
washing people's rags, corrupt evil marionette politicians, the guy at the corner, educators,
drivers, dockers, sellers, manufacturers, aunts and in general people with great vocation in
finding themselves busy and severely engaged (but always relaxed and elegant at glance)).
Their only contact with KINETIC excellence is their stupid role in society that gives them
identity and kinetic leverage while they play the role of their lives.
• They don't have a real life, a real conscience, a real mind, so they act a role. They are
psychology's CHARACTERS. It says every man has a PERSON and a CHARACTER. They teach you this
in school. People that LIVE too little to LIVE, so they ACT as they are alive.
• The living dead. I hate them. They always want to devour other people's conscience, so
they would be superiour. They PLAY a role, but they are just KINETIC PHENOMENA. They don't
really live. They ACT like they EAT you. And they can EAT your soul. But it's not real.
Always have spare souls, to feed them. They will PLAY their PART, and move on to conquer
other territories.
• How do you call the assasins of their own dreams ? ...I hate them. I really hate them.

• Kinetic excellence offers analyzators a wide array of information and so the pure reason
can flourish. And so artistic conscience can flourish. And so informational leverage is
large and from any chaotic fact we can create informational conscience and pure conscience
and artistic conscience.

About the living dead, and how alive they are.

• The living dead never calculate anything. They proudly watch how their reflexes
involuntarily bring true thought, true believe about thier superiority. (Jung: Thinking is
so hard, most people are content making judgements.)

• How do you noumenally empathize with someone who has a large SYSTEM OF REFLEX BELIEFES
about the NUMBER of things their perception and lives are statically filled with ? OK, how
do you empathize with ALL of them ?? Universally ? Without filling your head with an entire
universe of pathology ? Absolute thinking is based on LIGHTNING SPEED calculations. But the
living death have an entire constellation of systems of empiric fixed points in the
intra-dimensional, multi-temporal universe.

• In advancements of human thought the sky is the limit. Getting up and bright is easy,
geting down and dumb is easy, but how do you EMPATHIZE with fools ? Fools are masters of
their OWN psychologic pathology. How do you find the general ultra-systematic distorsion
that makes fool's spirit ? What's the SHORTCUT KEY that puts you in the first row at the
world's grand opening of the CATACLYSMIC BANALITY? What is the secret of imbecility ? All
social actions are bound to materialize at the lowest level of inteligence available in
that society, otherwise IT! WILL! FAIL! Idiocy is maleable, strong and powerfull like
cancer. Intelligence has yet to learn how to be more powerfull than idiocy, pathological
universality and other synthetic material principles that rule the people that make a
number, the masses, the herds, the dumb but many, the natural but united, the few but
exhaustively extraordinary.

• The worst thing is, fools permanently empathize with you, even if your mind is empty.
Whatever the case, idiots always understand something. You look for the principle that
bends the universes, and they just know it all, from before the beginning. I wanna die.
Better, I wanna crush them all. ALL! MURDER! CATACLYSM! But you can't! Even though they
are only good to be passed into REAL inexistence, the HIGH SPEED of PURE APRIORIC CONSCIENCE
would CONTAIN the error, and the purifier would end up destroing itself. Life is pain, and
suffering. But NOT because of me, I'm perfect, I've done my job and will do it again and
again, to the infinite.

I hate them. I really hate them.