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This text is a synergetic synthesis. The reader must collide all parts,
the results between them and with all previous parts, repeat.
The flat bed would take thousands of pages. This is about 50.
For IQs below 160:
I guess you can't make it anyway, below 160 there is no will or consciousness.
For IQs > 160:
You must find the order that does the synthesis for you.
When the materials combine into completely new/updated forms
and the original layer is superseded, it should come in your mind
without much engagement once the process is started.
That's when you got it. Sink into it. That's what I'm communicating.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

•10POST • the evolution reaches

the evolution reaches...

3 times the same stuff - the former, the actual , and the next.

the evolution reaches it's evolution start.

the evolution reaches it's evolution start the third time.

the evolution expands three complete times. =- - - ---- -----> then finish time evolution &ENTER completely spatial evolution.

imperfect re-instatement can have a 3-4-5 nr.o cycles before inhibiting every nervous path and all frequencies. (eg. geting old, having age.)

1_-2_-3_ system with (1-3 -> 3-1)->(1-2 -> 2-1)->(2-3 -> 3-2) inserts has the power the renew from high-speed combinations, and high variations.

1_-2_-3_ system is manipulable, as repetitivity. if cycle frequencies drop, manipulation is possible.

re-instatement is temporal, is non-manipulable, as loss-of-connection with old stuff/ novelty/
things/ gigawats/ terrawatsbytes/ potatoes/ plastic ducks/ hurricane umbrellas/ palm trees/
scuba glasses/ keys/ dogs/ sandwiches/ blood/ horror movies/ trucks/ whales/ ocean floors/
blue diamonds/ geysers/ the other side of the earth's crust/ stars and spaces/ twinklings/
dreams/ fishes/ glass bowls /god he who changes the water/ aurora borealis/ polar bears/
equator/ meridians/ forests/ hills/ leaves/ worms/ soil/ onions/
big evil monsters hanging in the closet and growling fiercefully in horrifyingly pain and regret/


The threat from [(noumen.metaphysic.phenomen.metaphysic)_(empiric.human_[(minimal_keypoints)_SYSTEM]).empiric_([kinetic_existence])]_cycling.empiric.[objects^(identity: noumenal.human habit)] parasitating WILL_&_MAJOR_microcosmos_DECISION centers in (individual_entities)^[range: planetary.(politics, trends and communications)->regional.(concentric_stratified + distinct variety of elements).society.SUB-INDIVIDUAL->individual->regional.(concentric_stratified + distinct variety of elements)society

(the upper line fits into one of the smallest of the smallest grain of semantic thought.)

Note:Central stuff in CAPS: SYSTEM{ever}: {other} , WILL and MAJOR DECISION CENTERS {new}, SUB-INDIVIDUAL {central stuff}.
Predicates: parasitating {newer} {newer stuff}.
Distinct character: microcosmos (as from manipulation).

Note.1: the {...stuff} pertains to the present communication, and the {normal} pertains to the object of the communication (manipulation).

EXPLANATION: Manipulation is the threat from mental viruses. A WILLING MANIPULATOR uses
systems that have inner cyclicity, imposing them to the target so that mental advancement
is stopped and deviated into phenomena with microcosmically hidden shor-circuits that induce
targeted macrocosmic behavior cyclicity. A NOUMENAL METAPHYSICAL CYCLIC SYSTEM is as common
in the human mind as wind phenomena in the earth's atmosphere and has exactly the same
metaphysical principles, evolution, etc.

Manipulation, as from evil:

• All willing manipulators are caught in cyclic systems. When cyclic systems evolve enough
they turn into knowledge.

• When the brave evil fatal "sons of satan" actually realise they were not battling evil
blind corrupt conservative forces by using the power of the dark side, all into the glorious
becoming of the dooms days of the "keep-it-real we have no chance" then they see that

••noumen.metaphysic cyclic systems are like pieces of DNA that combine into compact systems.

• Evil has no real power. It just follows specific paths, like rain to the earth and the cows
to the stable. Just like melodramatic good.

• Eventually clean extended systems evolve, turning into knowledge. Mental viruses are an
inevitable conglomerate, having as carriages malefic jackasses that impose their strongly
will. Some of them, though, realize this sooner or later and they lose their inner wicked

• Manipulation, is the primordial factor everywhere it can happen.

This is how you know you are under a mental virus:

• The activity of the manipulated by viruses or by humans always includes finding reasons
for their actions more than one single time in the course of one specific activity.

• The class struggle is impressive. It shows how losers of different degrees evolve into
their opinion of being evidently superior (or politically correct superior) / taken advantage
of into the problem of eating/drinking sensing pleasantly. Is always impressive to see people
finding reasons for things that are happening to themselves. For example, I am a genius and
giving lessons on the internet because I am so mighty. I've earned it. I can clearly remeber
I've earned it. So this is why I am so mighty. Get out of here!

• To get out of mental viruses one has to evolve the informational conscience into semantic

• Extreme, persistent, dried-up stupidity's DIRECT CONSEQUENCE is NOUMENAL FORCED synthesis
of unitary systems, whatever the cost. Here is where big evil monstery forces of evil come
into act. Systems are gonna appear and are gonna extend, whatever the resistance. Manipulated
and manipulators are just stupid jackasses all in the same mix of persistent stupidity.

••Humanity has just had enough imbecility into itself.

• Resistance to inferiour forms of compatible systematic activity is mandatory for the human
mind. The mind needs it's own immune system to protect itself from inner, outer, and
"worm-hole storms" originating viruses
aka noumen.metaphysic.cyclic.system.empiric.phenomen.metaphysic.(empiric_identity).

P.S.: But of course, manipulators don't really care for this. They are just doing it for
the money.

P.S.2: or for the real love.

P.S.3: keep it real ;)