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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

•3POST • Consciousness


[Consciousness is the word. But it has 250.000 hits in google on plural.]
[Conscience is the word used here. It sounds better. The sense is ALWAYS CONSCIOUSNESS.]

The conscience forms when signals meet.
Conscience has three sub-types of consciences.
Intensity of the gathering of the signals makes the intensity of conscience. {*1}
The AWARENESS is THE PEAK of conscience, whatever that peak.
Cognition uses SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE, which is an absolute union persisting instead of a reverberating of the old.
The active conscience in cognition is pure conscience - a semantic conscience which is pure.

The action of conscience is: to reverberate.

3 types of conscience:

1. Energetic conscience (*1 Is when energy waves collide, and so they gather.)
2. Informational conscience (*1 Is when the energy waves have sense.) {GOHERE 5}
3. Semantic conscience (meta-conscience) (a part of the "absolute union" of all objective informations, having an intensity of 1).

The main conscience is: Informational Conscience.

1. Energetic conscience is "empty conscience". Energetic waves have prints, identities.

2. Informational conscience is "full conscience". Here the energetic waves have prints, identities the system recalls/can_recall matches from memory for. {GOHERE 5}

3. Semantic conscience is "unitary conscience"; it is meta-conscience. Informational waves have a strict lowest intesity possible, and never carry the same process twice, or never double the objective object in the phenomenal existence. It's components create a conscience when separate pieces of raw conscience that containes identical pieces of semantics meet. Semantic conscience is temporal and empiric AND atemporal and metaphysic too. Semantic conscience operates inside and completely outside of raw conscience.

About Semantic And Informational Conscience

••Informational conscience takes the signal and reverberates it through the system. {GOHERE 5}

••Semantic conscience has in itself the cause of the signal it carries, and it creates the effect.
Semantic conscience can hold noumenal empiric reproductions of objects and continue their objectual
existence inside the brain, on the exact cause-effect path, through copying their EXACT nature.

••Semantic conscience is omnipresent in the somatically active brain.

What is the Semantic Conscience

• Semantic conscience does not interfere with it's content. It is a mathematical conscience. It can
deal with absurdities, real facts, non-sense and rubbish.

• Semantic conscience is the informational medium where ALL SEPARATE OBJECTIVE identities are found

• Multiple instances of S.C. can exist together, sustained by more informational consciences.
If one single I.C. contains more instances of the same OBJECT then it can BREAK into as many instances
as the OBJECT, and can make more instances of SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE.

• Semantic conscience reverberates through time, as a frequence, not through brain space, as a multiple.

• Informational conscience made up of semantic consciences is purer conscience.

• Semantic consciences can radiate L4.2 (Level 4.2) units that gather into informatic consciences. Those
i.c. can be easily grasped and crystallized into a bouquet of semantic consciences, all clear and sharp.

• SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE DOES NOT deduct objects and phenomena, from objective basis, using learned from
experience methods, proved in time, BUT IT DOES re-construct them, on objective basis, with objective
methods, with perfect objective corespondence to the outer/inner noumenal-metaphysic-empiric-objective
general/particular reality.

• SEMANTIC CONSCIENCE IS NOT an intelect asisted reflection BUT IS a complete re-construction of
perceived facts, done in real time, for this making heavy use of universalised thought, fragmentation,
principial thinking, forward kinetics in acting and inverse kinetics in perception, CARPE DIEM, highly
upgraded sensorial processes, complete self-knowledge(to sustain, avoid destroing and to protect SELF
and SELF.posessions), long-term mental evolution plan(to grasp advantages), etc.

How the Semantic and Informational Conscience work

3_ category material -> [1_noumen.metaphysic.sequence.images.]_[2_phenomen.metaphysic.sequence.images.#0-1 Scale#]_[3_phenomen.metaphysic.empiric.sequence.images.#1-max. Scale#]}


general; action - existence, action
••••••3_ you exist
•••••••••••1_ noumenal brain actions
••••••••••••••••••2_ you have a thought
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the NOUMENAL FILTER of the thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_ + 3_ the noumenal SEMANTIC THOUGHTS, and the thoughts REMAINING (turned into an insignificant quantum of energy)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the particular NOUMENAL FILTER of thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_ + 3_ the noumenal PURE THOUGHTS; thoughts WAITING for self-completion and sense augmentation.
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••(KINETIC ACTION MOMENT) the thoughts can now make physical 3_action
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••2_,3_ the thoughts/actions that exist, now
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the noumenal filter
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ the objective existence accomplished
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ + (2_ + 3_) the initial 3_ stuff, and (the new thoughts)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3_ + 3_ + (2_ + 3_) = the initial 3_, the accomplished 3_, the new thoughts
•••••••••••1_ noumenal brain actions
••••••••••••••••••2_ the new thought
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1_ the NOUMENAL FILTER of the thoughts (- filtered with pure noumenal conscience)
•••••••••••••••••••••••••ETC. ETC. ETC.

{GOHERE 5}•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

3. Semantic conscience is the conscience coresponding to the 2_ category.
2. Informational conscience is the conscience coresponding to the 3_ category. {GOHERE 5}
1. Energetic conscience is the "blank" conscience, that the brain has apriorically. It is used by
being FILLED with prints/identities; by being combined in a purely semantical way with the complete
cognition system it allows connection/intuition/perception of the noumenal and creates/sustaines the
cognitive system as in

• When an object is PERCEIVED in the conscience as a semantic conscience object, than IT IS reconstructed
from it's basis: atoms, electrons, chemichal formula, atom number, mass, density, aggregation state,
volume, specific composition, limits, shape, toughness, direction, integrity, usability, need, usability
decision, AND THEN it's simbolised and put in a recent memory buffer, for later use. The object BECOMES
an INFORMATIONAL OBJECT, as there is a MULTIPLE, a QUANTUM of the same OBJECTS used for it's construction.
• In this INFORMATIONAL OBJECT, when accessed, every second unit of the same kind creates another noumenal
semantic conscience (noumenalization of the x module from the LEVEL 4.Final).

----->Example: You see a tree and it's boughs. You grasp a branch and you see the smaller branch on it.
You grasp the smaller branch and you see the leaves.

----->Explanation: You see the x module, with the 3_ category being a tree. SO the semantic conscience
ONLY OBJECT which holds WOOD (the base of a TREE) multiplies into the components of the TREE creating
informational consciences with MANY OBJECTs that hold MANY WOODs, which altogether is the TREE with
BRANCHES. Or, the informational conscience, with it's semantic consciences (If you think all those wood
components separately). Or, The Conscience With It's Sub-Types Of Conscience.


NOTE: the single wood from the left forms a "tree" in the semantic conscience, not a single
wood piece. This is because the semantic conscience uses the "tree" symbol, as a container, in
order to access the informational conscience that has the entire tree, and at the same time that
tree symbol is made up of wood in the semantic conscience.


• The average man does not have the semantic conscience into the peak of the informational conscience.
So he does not know about his semantic conscience, because it does not make a big difference in
his perspective.
• Although the INFERRENCE between multiple instances of the semantic consciences found in different
instances of incompatible informational consciences IS MADE and MAKES the conscience of the man, he
does not know (it. - the fact that he has multiple consciences of everything, that evolve by them-
selves, meaning-semantic consciences.)

• Semantic conscience is revealed LAST to the subject in the process of enlightening. Only when the
informational consciences, that are by their nature energetically superiour, hold no potential, only
then the semantic conscience can be reflected into energetic conscience. Otherwise, the REVERBERATION
will CARRY the sensorial objects of informational conscience INSTEAD of the deducted/constructed
objects of semantic conscience.



••Pure conscience can only be achieved when all information is dealth with the semantic conscience.

••Nirvana is a pre-requirement for pure conscience.

Things report to nirvana, and are done by pure and perfect techniques.

• PURE CONSCIENCE is the conscience where NOTHING repeats itself spatially in the brain, and does
not occur indeterminatedly, but only determinated by correct systematic advancement in
noumenal.metaphysic mental processing.

• All non-pure conscience existence appears temporarely and then dissapears. Alternatively, cycles
of purification can alternate with a complete conscience tree, in order to allow the prolonged
artistic and natural flows needed for the brain not to CRACK-THE HELL-UP. Alternatively, thick
layers of semantic consciences can simulate natural informational conscience, allowing a conciliating
approach to relaxation and functioning.

• All information is to be calculated by making first a difference to nothing, and second, a
difference to the next step in the calculation OR to the following item in the conscience.

• Everything is to be done once, without ANY repetitions. Objects are calculated once, actions
are calculated once, verification is done once, or not at all, action is taken once,
perception is made once, verification of the material result is to be made, or not,


(Perfection is sober (-8, 0, and +8 are equal), and sobriety must be permanent. So we never
go sky high, but we remain ice cold and we constantly shift from 0 to 1 and backwards for
the purpose of motility. There is enough leverage left for super-intense emotions in other
parts of our head different of those with the pure conscience)

••Pure conscience is not built and later used, but built permanently.

••Inertia is never to be used into building, EXCEPT IN THE CASE of ARTISTIC MODE FUNCTIONING

• For pure conscience we need to integrate the empirical, a posteriori directions of the
human being into PURE A PRIORIC, metaphysical systems.

• Metaphysical purity dimension (in the human being) is the pool from which semantic
conscience draws it's constitutuion. The man must constantly re-create on a metaphysical
basis the raw directions it's flesh and body take. In this way, the metaphysical purity
dimension of the being offers not only speculative constitution to the semantic conscience,
but also the way of the flesh of the being.

Systematic purity of metaphysical directions of noumenal empiric body.

1.Noumenal empiric body -> 2.metaphysical directions -> 3.semantic conscience ->
3+4.semantic conscience & metaphysical systematic purity -> 5&1.noumenal empiric body

• Pure conscience simulates the absolute universal inexistence of doubles. Everything and
every direction is constructed and happened as single. Every duality is a conspiration of
real truth hand in hand with pure conscience so that pure conscience has no inner existence
of the duality. PURE CONSCIENCE tries to KILL the SELF-CONSCIENCE, so that the mind evolves,
just like the rest of the universe, without self-conscience and its illegitimate self-
-modifications; because the cognition system in MAN makes the FATAL error to DECIDE IT'S
personal CONTENT. YOU CANNOT WANT to WANT !!!(and ONE thing is not AN OTHER). This is the
error that pure conscience has the task of removing, without destroying the functionality of
the brain, which, primitive as !hell as it is, it must still provide it's duty to the body
until the millenia of evolution remove the error {*1}. I don't really belive it's more than
a maximum of a hand full of thousands of years of evolution, because we have now in the 20
century a.d. the information needed for our minds to surpass the technics of the nervous
system generating it.

••• *1
••• ==

• Pure conscience in it's peak tends to self-destruct the whole being. This is because the
brain is primitive and is viewed, at a certain point, as corrupt, erroneous, and not worthy
of the small effort required, with synthesis, to overcome it's omnipresent flaws. It's
mandatory interesting a thing. Semantic conscience disappears and pure energetic conscience
takes over. Then, the being being complete, once the semantics of freedom (here,
contradiction) have disappeared, there is nothing at all stopping the pure energetic
conscience to commit material suicide. Special error usage must be hard coded into the
cognitive system in order to avoid suicidal states. Error is a natural DIVERSIFICATOR and
must be used for avoiding certain and direct paths that lead to cognitive way suicide.

••Pure conscience has a VERY HIGH speed. P.C. needs to be PERMANENTLY BUSY and variety and
art must supply freshnes.

• Pure consciece does NOT EXIST without a TASK. The body is a task, and one of the most
important. The body creates the conscience; without the body as a task the pure conscience
would not have enough material to exist, as support for action/function would disappear in
time, because of the general degeneration of everything. Health, SPORT, ARTS, sportish-like
activities, martial ARTS, lively mood, ARTISTICALLY, actively, healthy, vibrating thinking
and acting, etc. are MANDATORY for the good flow of pure conscience.

••••Ethic dependency of Pure Conscience

1. Pure Conscience is VERY FAST, it has a VERY HIGH speed.
2. ethics = existence
-> Pure Conscience not ethical -> no existence produced by the conscience.
-> No existence - no leverage, no leverage no new things, no new things no mind,
no mind a lot o` patterns, patterns no freedom, no freedom no complexity, no complexity
no distinctions, no distinctions no semantic conscience, no semantic conscience no pure

------> SHORT: ethics - existence - lotta stuff - lotta conscience - pure conscience.

------> LONG:

••••••• The man in general and particular is too litle in the perspective of the pure
conscience. Any mature man thinking as little as the horizon of one single individual or
group (no matter how large or colossal) of individuals is to remain grounded in mud (this
is not a metaphor, it's a noumenal reality - these men are NATURALLY expendable, regardless
of their nature, and must be protected in order to survive a walk in the park or in the big
game of the days of our lives, where uselessness and vanity are the name of the games.