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Time to READ the blog: much under 1 h.
Time to THINK the blog: just under 3 seconds.
Ideal time to THINK the blog: 350 ms. (Write me !! I need you.)
Ideal time to THINK the blog, absolute resonance cascade: under 50 ms.

This text is a synergetic synthesis. The reader must collide all parts,
the results between them and with all previous parts, repeat.
The flat bed would take thousands of pages. This is about 50.
For IQs below 160:
I guess you can't make it anyway, below 160 there is no will or consciousness.
For IQs > 160:
You must find the order that does the synthesis for you.
When the materials combine into completely new/updated forms
and the original layer is superseded, it should come in your mind
without much engagement once the process is started.
That's when you got it. Sink into it. That's what I'm communicating.


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

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This post is a flow. See the 2POST for flows.

PerObj: (Particular Object)
Perception Object: seeing the thing as it presents itself to the senses.

PerMet: (Microcosm Universal Object)
Perception Metaphysics: seeing the thing as it is from it's cause constructed
as spatial / and temporal lasting noumena.

PerEmp: (Microcosm Universal Object, Particular Object)
Perception Empiric: seeing the thing in it's qualitative plus filling state,
the minimum neuronal charge /per object.

AppNou: (AbsoluteCosmic Absolute General Universal noumenal Object)
Apperception Noumenal: seeing the thing in itself as the specific remainder of the
exteriour noumenal material universe.

SynthetisedObjects Rule: The bigger contains the smaller. The particular is the smallest,
farthest from the absolute, as it is an exact piece of matter, but all except the absolute
can be viewed in it's particular nature, not matter how universal and resonant.

1.All mind,self, is a surplus of electrons, traveling through the brain.

1.1.We exist in the measure that electrons move inside neurons.

2.Memory: electronic impact - chemical carves into neurons.
(As a semantic conscience object, every part existent into this statement must be taken as a
whole. So you see the day to day electronic activity, you see the specified impact, the chemical
carves resulting, and a few steps forward too. This is creating memory.)

3.Content: surplus electrons hit chemical carvs, generating, naturally, an inverse
looking mark.
(And because it's Perception Metaphysical object, you keep the things rolling, so you take the
inverse looking mark and pass it around the brain, that being a memory content object, that you
keep into your observation for a few steps too.)

X.Thinking at one's thinking:
Traveling the paths of future thought, every next PerObj must be further away from
the EmpObj cause. [- as to not return into the past but land on the correct future.]

Principle of existence:

Thing. -> 1 time unit -> Triple thing: (1st)InverseThing, (2nd, copy)InverseThing

NEXT: Each one generates the same principle.

Who can follow not two, but three successions in one fell swoop is a working brain.

Principle of Somatic Brain existence:

1.Excitation transferes into a consume of neuronal chemical potential.

2.The next electronic mass hitting generates an inverse "print" feedback.
(Explanation: [PerObj] The first contained print had consumed potential, so the rest)
(of the potential will be forwarded to the trenches.)

2.1. Auxiliar processes:

Inferrence (injection, combining, welding, etc.) of prints into other nerves,
without first inverting themselves. Just like the deep footmark of Godzila
rises up and starts walking by itself. This is about 50% slower and slower
than that too.

Principle of Body & Vegetative Brain existence:

Life is a cycle ([PerObj:] system) that repairs and reproduces itself.
(Explanation: a cycle system is a system that sustaines it's primary cycles. If)
(it reproduces itself in it's wholeness (and repairs) than it is life.)

The body is an active object. See: 13POST: Active Objects.

It's action is "consume".
It's action is: [XPerMet:] elimination, consume, radiation, atrophy, build/rebuild.
[3_:,XPerEmp]Body cycle; Digestive System cycle [elimination],[ingestion],[radiation]; Blood fed
systems [eliminate], [permeate], [transform], [radiate], [atrophy], [rebuild].
(Explanation: digestive radiation is the passing into the bloodstream)


Body cycle. negative: hormones, urinary excretion, perspiratory excretion, ejaculation, salivation,
etc. are functions of the body that pertain to life, as effects, but DO NOT constitute body life.
Life intrinsically generates heat. ;

Digestive system cycle: elimination, here, is life, as it is part of a consume process;
the digestive system is one big cell. ;

Blood fed cycle systems: these sustain heat, movement of the body and connect nerve endings
to OUTER reality objects.
(Explanation: so INTERNAL reality objects are the "electronic mass and chemical prints" determined)
(potential exchanges through the brain. The internal reality is more than somatic, it covers all the)
(kinetic conscience.)

Joined Principle of Body and Somatic existence:


3_exist, 2_happen, 1_purify and intensify, 2_aware 3_memorise, 2_re-center rational universal system
deduction on new [2_aware 3_memorize]content, 2_re-center artistic universal system on half-way
between new and old axiologic phenomenal value of [2_aware 3_memorise]content, 3_act on instinct.

-Repeat point jumps into 2nd point, or increases artistic awareness, then get into relaxation mode.
-Relaxation mode is not available unless the entire brain and all it's metaphysical capabilities
are freshly exercised in their whole body of existence, and so informationally & semantically inhibited.


1.Main Cycle: the content of the cycle is known/felt/defined based on noumenal material identity.

-noumenal material identity is, to the enlightened: AppNou Object, or, at a lower state- PerMetEmp.
to the unenlightened: PerObj.

-the cycle happens in resonance cascades, pluri - macrocosmic and microcosmic degrees.

2.Kinetic happenings. [2_aware 3_memorise]content stage is the kinetic stage.

In the kinetic stage all corespondent kinetic and locomotor pathways are activated, somatic and vegetative.

-resonance cascades dictate variety of choices for kinetics.
-universally ordered resonance cascades offer as much as infinite prediction to a materially
defined interval.


bla bla bla...

3.Sensorial Processing

4.Perceptual Processing

5.Apperceptual Processing

6.Sensorial Projection

7.Sensorial Mapping (to outer material things)

8.Potential Cultivations (blasts of energy = with the purest instincts)

9.Revealing Container Techniques used in preceding facts

10.Interchanging Container Content

11.Resonance Cascade

12.Intercompatibility and interchangeability of totally different particular universal systems.

13.Perceptual Alchemy (My current level. Kind of trashed. I'm in a very latent state of doing nothing and feeling not bad enough about it.)

14.Sensorial Alchemy

15.Maturing Semantic-Informational Decision Centers



18.Ultra-Compression Techniques; Key-point phenomenological constructions; deep-resonance molding
apperceptual waves; (My highest empirical mature level achieved.)

19.Crystal organizated deep resonance pointy waves; sciences and abilities of all kinds can be
learned fast and good. Mature Level 5 technology. (My highest not-mature level achieved.)

20.Pulsating Diamond (tough to the end) Point System; constantly keeping itself fresh in the brain.
Schemes for residing in the same place in the brain, without being affected by inhibition; multiple
maintenance programs, continuous and intermittent, sharp and latent, conscious, sub-conscious,
unconscious, shifting conscious states, anti-conscious ("anti-matter" like, black double-existence
techniques: existence generates at an absolute level an "anti"-existence with the same qualities but
totally "dark", impossible to grasp by conscience, invisible hidden mirror, completely inaccessible
by direct means; resonating, working in parallel and slimly fueling from positive consciousness, it
is a tool perfectly encrypted, autonomous, carrying latent long term maintenance and recycling,
double-ensuring the diamond structure's long term integrity. It is the ultimate tool for solving
The Matrix: Reloaded's architect's flaw B) ), integrated into basic universal empiric particular
functioning, thus regulating the entire structure's resonance and sharp functioning.

This level is Level 7. With Level 7 individuals the human brains would evolve at a rate that if
accelerated gets into Darwinian problems very fast, and it is my belief our brains do not have
sufficient short-circuit protections and our DNA and entire brain would smash itself to pieces.
Harmony would be enough in such perspective.