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Friday, March 16, 2007

•18POST • About Jobs

About jobs

About workers

Workers do work.

Work = willing action with a purpose, through a purpose.

Purpose: "declarative memory" object actively associated by the ID with it's productive
schema. Purposes are acquired from phenomenal structures.

Schema: phenomenal informational structure in the brain of the ID, that spawns phenomenal
memory and kinetic action correspondent to a purpose that the ID's entity is moving towards.

Summary: Worker = 1.willing + 2(purpose_schema)activity.

About philosophers

Philosophy is not a profession. You can not lay down work in philosophy. Philosophers do not
exist. They are metaphysic noumena.
Metaphysic noumena is by definition something inexistent, that can only happen inside the
virtuality of minds.
Philosophy is not a science. Teaching philosophy is.
The philosophers are inexistent. They live inside everybody in degenerate states. They are
pure instances of existence inside chaos and repetitivity.
The individual philosopher is the human that rejects life outside mental evolution towards
The individual philosopher is the human being ought to perfect itself.
The individual philosopher is the future perfect worker. The synthetic born leader. The standard.
The model. The base of all things.

Philosophers are Level 1, 2, and 3 developed humans that are currently in the process of
researching Level 4.2 functionality.

A philosopher is not a worker, but a researcher of integral human identity.

The work of a philosopher is that of a researcher for repair tools - the human is born mentally
defective. The philosopher somehow reaches the reality of human flawed mind and engages himself
into removing the error.

The work done by a philosopher is not work because in the respect of his identity, the purpose
and schema change through time as the philosopher evolves towards static-form perfection by
traversing absolute chaos, mental suicide and self denial.

The human's identity changes completely while the transition is made from empiric fixed schematic
thinking to metaphysics centralized functioning. Thus, the identity of the human individual
reaching perfection changing completely, no permanent complete definition of him can be made while
the change happens.

More exactly:
The impossibility of definition is because in the process of changing the [phenomenal dialectic form
of the soul] of the philosopher to a new, [noumenal metaphysical form that creates a new artistic
phenomenality based on childhood transmigrated ethically pure artistic standards], the philosopher
reaches depths of depersonalization hardly reachable to human thought. The central fact is hat his
soul disappears for a period, and nothing utterly "human" remains. Thus defining the philosopher is
harder than defining the absolute, because he passes through empiric absolute chaos and steps into
standardized absolute existence, the combination being entirely inaccessible to the Level 1,2,3 human.
The transition could be defined by Level 4.2 humans, but their definition wouldn't be useful to anyone.

Behavioral definition of the philosopher is possible, but useless if you want to use the information.
Or you can use it like this:

The philosopher is a man that uses words to write books.

About professors

Professors are workers passing behavioral and mental tools and repairs to students.

About students

Students are workers having the purpose of self-augmentation and mental repair.

ETC. To sum it all up: the philosopher is not your bullshit. The time has come for philosophy to
emerge as a science of perfection, done by talented "regular" guys that earn heavy loads of money and
have the control and power the human being deserves from nature. Talking is over.


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